When the Dead, the Alive and the Fictional chat on WeChat

Of late, my Android phone has become my constant companion and its apps my muse, the latest being WeChat where I love connecting with my friends, clients and associates from all over the globe instantly. With features like voice messages, video calls, sharing pictures, and instant messaging within a group, I am hooked to it almost 24×7. And why not, after all talking is my birth right and chatting, the proof of my existence in this highly social networking world.

The non-stop chats on the WeChat group (College Friends) is a daily midnight agenda where we discuss almost every aspect. From casual topics like beauty tip, gossip, travel to serious like war, conspiracy, greed, social issues, corruption and even preventive measures like world peace and spiritualism. However, yesterday night I went dizzy and slept amidst the discussion only to get up and witness Marilyn Monroe in my group list sharing pictures of her heydays which I had never seen before.

One of the most admired actresses of all time, Marilyn was not only acknowledged for her beauty but also for her wits and sense of humor. Since a teenager, I was fascinated with all the good and attractive things about her and even more towards her journey from a troubled childhood to becoming one of the world’s most enduring and biggest sex symbol.  I thanked her for her photographs and asked her the secret of her hourglass figure without forgetting to mention about the Marilyn Monroe twin towers in Toronto. I was glad that WeChat has voice message option and that is how the sex symbol could reveal me how great she felt about the news.

Further, I complimented her by saying that even now, no one can compete with her despite all the cosmetic surgeries and boob implants. She was curious to know about these developments and I was more than happy to bitch about the new heroines and so called sex symbols without realizing that I had even included the Drama Queen, Rakhi Sawant. I apologized Rakhi by saying that I did not mean to hurt her sentiments, on the contrary, always wished to talk in person about her thoughts, beliefs, opinions and her obsession of being always in the news. Rakhi threw some tantrums on me but was glad that I was being honest to her and allowed me to ask her questions. My main question was why she wanted to be Ramdev Baba’s menaka when she had a huge line of guys waiting to marry her. The loud mouth went on and on revealing that she was more than attracted to men with unconventional looks like Baba Ramdev. It is always a pleasure to hear Rakhi speaking but it was a lifetime experience to converse with her.  Marilyn Monroe too was amazed by Rakhi Sawant while the Item Queen was more than glad to see the legend talking.

Even Rakhi loves WeChat and she told me about the feature “Shake” which helps her in connecting more fans. I used mine only to find Chacha Chaudhary in a mere distance of 1 km, I quickly sent him greetings to make him friends and welcomed him in the group. He cordially accepted my request and was impressed that he was my hero all through my childhood and I would still depend on his fast decision than any other high tech machine. I inquired about his health, chachiji and had a list of questions regarding his plans and strategies to curb the wrong happenings in our society. The main reason being, I wanted to know witty solution to aid me and my friends in resolving daily issues like robberies, thefts and helping girls get rid of eve-teasers.

Along with me even Rakhi was so impressed that she expressed her desire to marry Chacha Choudhury. Sabu was not at all happy with this and there began a war of words against them. No one can beat Rakhi so I wished if Munnabhai along with Circuit could come and join this group to apply their Gandhigiri

Having rendezvous with Munnabhai and getting his jaadu ki jhappi was something which I was longing for a while. Besides, I also wanted him to spread Gandhigiri among the politicians as well as civilians. Through the Facebook connect, I logged in and rolled the duo through their Facebook page. I shared a video displaying the statistics of domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual violence. Munnabhai went emotional, I told him all the ruthlessness and horrendous activity of these demons disguised in men. As desired by me, he ordered Circuit for immediate action. Consequently, booking his flight to Delhi wherein Circuit would manage the criminals (both Politicians and civilians) through his style and Munnabhai would try his best to console the victims through his jaadu ki jhappi.  Not to forget, Munnabhai meanwhile, sent smiley of roses to Rakhi Sawant in the WeChat group and she was more than happy to receive the gesture.

I was happy that my connections of WeChat was helping me towards some social causes but at that instant I got a message from Reliance Securities reminding me the 1 lakh which I invested in share market have only gone down to become 40,400. At that instant, I wish I could connect with Harshad Mehta, the Bull who had the ability of doubling anyone’s money through share market. I started wondering that Harshad Mehta is in my group and I am asking him the best scripts wherein I can invest my money to earn huge returns on my income.

In my exclusive tête-à-tête with Harshad Mehta, I ask him the reason for the market downfall and his tips which can help in leveraging my investments. To this even Munnabhai messaged that he wanted some special advice too so that he could donate his profits towards a hospital dedicated to the mentally challenged.

I was on the verge of dreaming money and spending it like a princess, when suddenly I got Marco Polo’s image by the sea where he had discovered a new island. Aha, Marco Polo, my traveler friend from the past whom I always wanted to ask about his quest, voyage and thrill in discovering new places. I asked him about his journey in the prehistoric times when he travelled all the way from Italy to Asia, his stay in China along with all his legendary travelling tales. He was glad that I gifted him the New iPhone which could not only help in talking, sending pictures or voice messages but could help him even in finding new places easily and effortlessly through GPS. Impressed by WeChat app, he was further flattered when I mentioned him that the software is a product of a Chinese company, the country where he spent some vital years of his life.

I was busy witnessing the spellbound pictures of landscape, island and beautiful scenery in my Phone when all of a sudden something rang loudly. I got up, only to witness that my alarm was ringing and it was time to say good-bye to Marco Polo and the other imaginary figures. Soon, I got a WeChat push notification from a Real Life friend Avi asking me whether I wanted to join him for a documentary movie on Marco Polo. Co-incidence I say!

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