Sizzling Environmental Friendly Swayamvar Style Gourmet Revelry with IndiBloggers

From past one month, I am actively involved with some of the fellow bloggers from Indiblogger and we are a bunch of enchanting babblers who just cannot stop chattering, whether it’s on the comments section on our blogs or on the group chats on our WhatsApp group. Besides, the one thing which is quite peculiar amongst us is, we all love food. And while having our hands on our slurps and chows, we the fervent are always more than eager to indulge into some role plays which is quite hysterical and involves lots of bizarre talks.

Considering all the virtual talks going on our WhatsApp group, I thought why not make it a real thing by hosting a weekend party for all of us, the radiant blogger friends with a theme that we are so fond of. Yes, the theme would be Modern Swayamwar of Sita (Anukriti) but with our own twist. Here, all my male bloggers would dress as Ram (Sriram), Laxman (Amar), Ravan (yes even Ravan, Tapobrata attending the party to add more fun), Vishwamitra (Nikhil), King Janaka (Sud), other Kings (Rohan, Karan, Harshal, Jay) and even Hanuman (Stephen)- Angad (Rafaa) while the female as Urmila (Fatima) and sisters of Sita. The twist in the tale would be the male bloggers will woo the ladies with their best poems, short stories, 55 fictions, photography and other work of fine art and writings.

The location would be my room of course and the ambience would be royal just like the imperial darbar of Mithila. However, even though the ambience would demand luxurious decoration, I will make sure that the blogger’s party is green and environmental friendly. I would light the room with petroleum free soya candles and use the empty Soft Drink bottles to use as vase with real flowers stretching fresh aroma across the room. After all, bloggers are coming together, the ambience should support some cause and spread some message.

Next, since I really do not know how to cook yet relish tasty food, I would serve the characters of Ramayana a royal treat with ITC Kitchens of India Ready to eat food. The starters would be fried dry fruits (Yea, I can fry dry fruits), followed by the main course encompassing Veg Biryani and Paneer Darbari. The Veg Biryani would be prepared by using Vegetable Biryani Mix from Kitchens of India as it has a unique discrete flavor that epitomizes the ancient culinary flavors, something that best suit my Ramayana theme.  In addition, the bloggers mirroring Ramayana characters would be served with the supple, succulent and flavorsome Paneer Darbari to bring back the essence of the bygone era of Ramayana once again in our modern tale. Chutneys were an integral part of the ancient darbari food. So, I would also get a khattamettha chutney to delight the ladies as well as gentlemen of my royal revelry with the tangy Tamarind and Date Chutney


Once, the bloggers disguised in Ramayana characters cherish the royal revelry, the deserts would include the luscious Hazoori Petha Halwa, the north Indian cuisine, perfect for all the guests and my royal treat. With just heating and eating, this special dessert is sure to lure all the sweet tooth of my blogger friends.


With all the Kitchen of India products, from the main course to the desert with a tasteful chutney, I am sure all my Indiblogger friends would enjoy the royal treat while having a blast playing the Ramayana characters. What’s more, even though I have no idea how to cook, I still will be able to serve my royal guests a gourmet treat.  Not to forget, without the woes of shopping the ingredients and spending hours in preparing for the party. Thanks to Kitchens of India products for allowing me to think of such a distinct bash to throw to my wholehearted Indibloggers faction.

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