Inki Condition Serious Hai: The 5 Seriously Serious Cases..

Last night, I was about to get a good night sleep after drinking some  win…..e…..oh I mean some win..e..ter coffee (This one is for my relatives ;)). However, no sooner I was ready to doze off than I got a call from my maternal aunty’s sister’s daughter, oh yes my maami’s sister’s daughter roughly a year younger to me.

2.01 am – Thuddd Thuddd went my cell phone in the vibration mode…


Me: Hey Megha, wassup…

She: Hello D (Well, she called me by my nickname so let’s just call D here)

Me: Looks like you are partying hard tonight, till 2.00 am…Man, after marriage you seem to be rolling….How’s Amar?

She: Sobbing in low voices she slowly started howling loudly….

Me: What happened, are you okay?

She: No, Amar just met with an accident and he is no more…

Hardly a year of marriage and a girl so young…My mind started wandering….and then the line disconnected….

Thuddd Thuddd and the phone vibrated again…

Me: Hey Megha, I’m sorry to hear……rrrr…..that…

She: Nothing yaar, it is just that I had to do this…

Me: You had to do this, What do you mean you had to do this? Do you mean you murdered Amar?

She: You mad-a-what? It’s just that the crow had stroked my head with its beak and so I had to pass a message of this false death so that there is no death in my family as per the superstitions.

Me: WTF……Is he alive?

She: Oh yes, yes he is..I’m sorry I had to do this…

Me: #Condition Serious Hai Teri….Doctor Ko Dikhana Padega

She: Kyu Kya Hua Mujhe Darra Mat…

Megha comes under the category of people who are confused and believes in living their life by the stupid rituals that have been laid by some stupid people. To be precise she belongs to the “darr darr ke jeene wale log” just like Sharman Joshi of 3 idiots. This people are very dangerous to the society because they themselves are not just serious, but try to pass this contagious disease at a rate faster than that of virus. Phew!

This was Case 1


Case 2

Megha ka toh condition serious hai….Aur kaun serious hai? Well, other than Megha, there are people who take social networking sites too seriously. For instance you post something in a light mood and these people are ready to blast you left and right…

For instance, look at this meme shared in a page


The third female comments – “The guy was freezing to death and they decided to make a meme out of it. WTF is wrong with this generation..”

Now, no one urges females to come and like a page called Funny Jokes, Quotes and Pictures and when they do, what they expect?

Liking a Humorous page and commenting like a saint – Such people’s condition is terribly serious. In other words, these are the casualty patients who are in urgent need of 5 Star Doses. And since we find such breeds in high number especially on Facebook, how about a smiley of 5 Star to decrease the Blood Pressure of these serious people…


Case 3

In Case 2 we saw the sensitive lots in the social media circle. In Case 3 we have the thinking lots. Check the below image –

FACEBOOK_DNow did you see the second comment? Makes me wonder, if only the bloke or the girl used his/her intellectual and pro-active mind in something more productive…Well,,,,,,,


Case 4

These are those serious people who take their social networking life so serious that they tend to put everything on it…From how hard their exam paper was, to why did the lady they met while traveling wasn’t talking to her husband. Then thinking, “Did they elope” and when they post such status their equivalents reply without various alternatives that are running in their mind. The usual probablities…

Aha, now the last but certainly not the least……

Case 5

Yellow Journalism

“Wife humiliates and beats up husband on Valentine’s Day”
“44 year old stone foetus found inside women aged 86”
“Shocking – Women forced to give birth during her Class 12 exams”

Have you ever come across such headlines in newspapers and Digital Magazines? Don’t you think yellow journalism have a sick yellow fever of seriousness. Well, time to give them a dose of Cadbury’s Five Star to evaporate the rate of seriousness in their body…

The above 5 cases indeed proves that Seriousness is the serious disease and there is only one treatment or rather vaccine to it – A Sweet Chill Pill that evaporates their seriousness within themselves in few seconds


Humor in life is just like oxygen in water, it keeps us healthy and live. However, in spite of this fact, there are a section of people who are always looking for problems even in funny things and humorous quotes. They are the ones who always want to be in pressure, tension and increase their BP no matter how smoothly things are going on. These kinds of people are quite dangerous as inki CONDITION SERIOUS HAI..isliye inko chahiye Cadbury ka 5 Star

This post is written for Indiblogger and Cadbury’s Condition Serious Hai Contest.
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The Little “Pee Donor”

Pee Pee Pee, where do I pee, asks a little child on his way to Wai

My bladder is hurting and I am losing my control,

But I will wait dad, till the dam comes after several tolls

I might be tiny, I might be small,

But I want to be a responsible boy, way before I become tall.

Not just me but all my mates,

We will all together help our state from its merciful fate.

“Little drops make an ocean” once said our Ma’am Gurjeet,

Don’t you think dad, we surely can lend our hand to the noble cause started by uncle Ajit.

All you young kids come together, let’s take a vow,

That, we shall bank our pee and send to uncle Ajit anyhow.

So what, if we can’t be a blood donor or an eye donor,

Be glad because even at this age, we all surely can be a “Pee Donor”


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For all my readers staying outside India – Wai is a place in Maharashtra, India. The poem is a reply to a politician who commented, that, should he urinate in dam, if the state is suffering from drought. No, wonder he apologized but…..