When Star Wars R2-D2 & Aurebesh Became My Partner in Crime

As soon as the term ‘ Star Wars’ pops in my mind, I’m completely immersed into the iconic Star Wars universe.


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…and things get really dark when you get a printout on the dining table in the Aurebesh Language – The Language of the Galaxy.73b5bf7bca8823d477e9500e63f4b539

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To my surprise, when I looked here and there to see what my cousin is upto, a sound of R2-D2 surprised me. When I went in the direction of the sound, my cousin enthralled me with his new Star Wars Special Edition Notebook that actually had more than 1,100 images of Star Wars, an e-book on Star Wars and even Star Wars Comic.




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However, what took my breath away was the Aurebesh Font in the Notebook and the emergence of a sound like Artoo-Deetoo. Not to miss the glowing red backlit keys as well.


Well, those who are wondering what the font mean, let me tell you it says – ‘May the Force Be with you.’

Ever since we two were kids, we imagined ourselves as the citizen of Coruscant and often used to communicate in the Aurebesh language – The language of the Galaxy.

Together, we lived in the secret world where I was Princess Leia and he was the Darth Vader. We enjoyed playing the character and often behaved in a similar away at home and even used our own signs to communicate with each other.


It was my dream to control the dark side and to my surprise, my cousin had given the access to the Empire.

However, for a change, the dark Star Wars Special Edition Notebook has inspired me to be a little bit quirky – fulfilling my destiny in the real world.

And for that I really need a R2-D2

No, not because, R2-D2 is the……


But Because,

R2-D2 is the one who can actually go to the neighbors and give them the 1 katora sabzi etc which my mom tells me to give…


Can go and flush the toilet when every time one of the family member yells why I didn’t flush

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R2-D2 can come to my rescue every time the kids asks me to play the Guitar…

You never know they’ll love the electronic beeps and whistles he adds in between.

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R2D2 Turntable FTW

A DJ night On the New Years Eve with R2D2 as DJ -Just imagine the beeps and the baby sound…


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R2-D2 CCTV Camera to Scare Robbers and Thieves

Just imagine the sound of this droid, it is surely going to bring the entire colony on its toes.


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And Finally this, to Irritate the most Annoying Character in my Colony


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Besides, I’m so inspired by the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook ,that I’m planning to mail my office team with the Aurebesh font –  Well, its finally time to #AwakenYourForce


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Wondering the reaction of the boss..

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The HP Star Wars Notebook has already got me excited. How about you? Eager to know more? Well, simply check here or tweet #AwakenYourForce and get ready to fulfil your destiny in the dark side. See you there!

5 Things I’m all Set to Do with My Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

So now that Airtel 4G is available at the cost of 3G and we are getting it for free right at our doorstep, I’m all set to apply and try the new Airtel 4G to check out its unbelievable speed.


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Well, I’m all excited about using 4G Network and here’s what I’m thinking to do first when I switch my 3G network into 4G network.

Book a Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC has always been a headache for me. To be honest, every time I try my hand at booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, I’m highly disappointed because I have never got one. Yes, in spite of seeing tickets available at 10 am sharp by the time I’m done with the payment, I get a Waiting ticket. So the first thing I’ll definitely try is booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Even for normal tickets, booking from Airtel 4G will be a sigh of relief.

Full Movie Download

Well, Movie download has always been a major issue for me. I often download it during the night and wait till the morning. In such a scenario, I can only watch the movie the next day. But, now that I’ll have Airtel 4G, I’m eager to download my favorite movie as soon as I start my 4G pack.

To Enter in Contests which are Time Conscious and Limited to First Come First Basis

On a daily basis there are many contests available online where the time starts at “x” time and by the time it is x.01 minutes, it is over. The reason being in this 1 minute all the seats/freebies/vouchers are taken away by your fellow competitors. I would definitely use Airtel 4G to try out submitting by entry in such time restricted contests which are limited to few people only.

Live Streaming & Video Streaming Is Definitely on my mind

Every time I stream videos, I’m so frustrated that I often end up spoiling my and my partner’s mood. Live streaming is such a pain with 2G and sometimes even with a 3G network. This is the reason why I’m so excited for “Live Streaming” with my new Airtel 4G – The fastest Network ever!

Upload Several Things on the Internet and attach heavy files in the mails

Usually uploading takes a lot of time than downloading. This is the reason why we usually leave our computer or phone and go in search of a coffee, the moment we start uploading anything. Then whether it is uploading hundreds of images on our Picasa, Facebook or attaching several files in a mail, it takes a lot of time. This is the reason why I’m looking forward to try uploading all types of images and files once I get my Airtel 4G.

You too can get an Airtel 4G SIM absolutely free. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag – #GetAirtel4G.

Well, what do you plan to do with Airtel ’s unbelievable speed? Well, if you think your network is better than Airtel 4G, you can also register for the Airtel Challenge.

UC Cricket – UC Browser : Now Stay Connected to Cricket Without Missing Anything

Often for the love of our religion, i.e. cricket, we end up missing a lot of little things in life. For instance, in order to make sure we catch up ball by ball moments of a live cricket match, we might skip hanging out with friends or might even lie our girlfriends to skip a date.

Besides, this is not a recent habit it is a practice which we have been following right from the school days. Remember how we bunked school and tuitions just to watch our favorite player playing the game? Well, some of my colleagues still bunk work to watch Cricket.

But, guys, what if I tell you that you can stay connected to your favorite game without compromising with the little things in life? Won’t that lessen half of your problems? Neither will you get to hear those threats from your boss, nor the non-stop tantrums from your girlfriend.

Well, With UC Browser, you can now not only Surf it all, but surf it fast! Yes, India’s popular browser for Mobile phones, has now gone a step ahead with its cricket service – UC Cricket


Here we tell you, how as a cricket enthusiast, you can always stay connected to your favorite game without worrying much about missing other things.

UC Cricket helps to catch anything related to Cricket with a Single Click

You won’t have to search over the Internet when is the match, what is the news surrounding the match or have to Google it out what the commentators have to say in the Match preview. All you have to do is, download the app, UC Browser – then click UC Cricket and you will get everything at a single place. From the latest news, to interviews, you’ll get everything at a single place. What’s more you even get the access to your favorite Cricket websites here.


This means, you can take your mom to shopping, make her feel good and still enjoy your first love – cricket without missing anything.

UC Cricket Enables You to Access All That’s Happening Live

From ball by ball updates, to full scorecard and even live streaming, UC Cricket offer you everything on the go. What’s more, even if you for some reason cannot watch the live streaming, you can still check out the coverage section which provides you with a written update of each ball.


Busy? Don’t Worry, UC Browser Will Send You a Match Reminder

Even if you have exited the browser, the UC Cricket of UC Browser will buzz you with a reminder at least 15 minutes before the match starts. This means, if you are busy into something but are eager to catch up the match you can simply wind off your work to never miss on anything.

UC Cricket UC Browser

The Best Part of UC Cricket – It Tells You the History

Eager to know the stats of the two countries playing the match? What happened when the two countries met a decade go in the same ground or maybe something different? Then, all you have to do is select the History option, you’ll know everything about it without browsing Google.

UC Browser Screenshot

So, what are you waiting Download the UC Browser http://www.ucweb.com/ and connect yourself to UC Cricket – Surf fast, surf all, without missing out anything.

Images are Screenshots of UC Browser

Know how E-governance through these 5 Technology can Accelerate the Vision of Digital India

In the early February 2014, Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India while addressing the India Digital Summit through video conferencing, shared his vision for Digital India – finally concluding with this vision –

I dream of a Digital India where Netizen is an Empowered Citizen

No wonder, if this ambitious Project of ‘Digital India’ by Indian Government bears its fruits then every Indian citizen even in the remote areas shall have a smartphone in his/her hand with affordable high-speed internet – where he/she can avail E-governance right at his/her finger-tips.

While, a popular brand like Intel through its ‘Innovate for India’ & ‘Digital Skills for India’ initiatives, has been adopting technology as the enabler for crafting a digitized India, towards Indian government’s vision of a Digital India, here I shall share my opinion on How E-governance through technology, Can accelerate the vision of Digital India…


E-governance via National Optical Fibre Network can speed up the Vision of High Speed Digital Highways in India and give us our much awaited Digital Infrastructure

Using the technology of NOFN – National Optical Fibre Network, the government can provide internet access nationally including the stipulated 2 lakh + 85731 Gram Panchayats. This project which was initiated in 2011 and has the capability of providing broadband connectivity to every nook and corner of India including 24 states and 5 Union Territories can indeed turn the dream of Digital Highways in India into a reality.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

What’s more, the project also enables the government of India to offer nationwide e-applications and e-services.

In addition, various service Providers like the ISPs, TSPs, long with the Cable TV operators will also have access to the NOFN wherein they can easily introduce several e-services in the remote India. This means Indian Netizen can easily avail several apps like e-education, e-health and e-governance effortlessly. Making this vision true – I dream of India where knowledge is strength AND EMPOWERS the people…

What’s more with a wide range of e-facilities and services there will be no digital bridge between the rural and urban India  and everybody shall have the access to information and knowledge – like Shri Narendra Modi said –

I dream of India where Access to Information has no barriers and

I dream of India where the farmers are empowered with real time information to be connected with global markets.


India’s Own R&D, Jugaad, Technology, Networks and “Make in India” initiative will make sure that 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation

Huawei has opened a R&D Department in Bangalore. In addition, soon 10 MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will be established in India. Besides, Indian software as well as services industry are soon going to leverage their products – making sure that a good number of Indians get involved to drive innovation.


Moreover, the Union BUDGET 2015-16 which has allotted Rs 1000 Crore fund to the startup system where the government aims to encourage the young entrepreneurs and startups is ought to ensure that the Indian startups whether out of necessity, compulsion or jugaad will finally have a technology backup – no wonder, this will make sure that the 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation.

National e-Library And Massive Online e-Courses will make sure that the Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners – making sure we achieve the aim of Digital Literacy

The Bjp in its manifesto had stated about Internet and Technology at the national level which would ensure national e-library along with lot of online e-courses. Given this technology several of the students staying in remote areas or girls who drop out of colleges due to long distance can easily aim for higher education and the course they aim for.

Intel India in its support to digital India will deliver digital literacy to 1000 village Panchayats. In addition, Intel has also announced the introduction of Digital Skills Training apps, which would feature modules and information on various subjects for the demographic of rural India including information on pre-natal health, Jan Dhan Yojana, healthcare and cleanliness.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

No wonder, this technology is sure to compile with one of the many visions of Digitial India –

I dream of India where Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning

The Technology of Social Media so that the GOVERNMENT proactively engages with the Youth and its citizens

The social media has tremendous potential to provide a platform for almost all the interactions. No wonder, time and again it has been proved that the social media is a powerful catalyst that can easily change the way the people use technology to network with everyone around them.


If India can include these platforms in its e-governance models and take maximum advantage of them, then the government cannot only proactively get engaged with the Youth, the biggest user of social media, but can also involve them actively in the formation of policies of e-governance. No wonder, it will make sure even the citizens are actively participating to make India completely Digital. Yes, #DigitalIndia is what I mean!

The Technology of E-Commerce Will Make Sure that ALL the E-services Are Available in every nook and corner of the Digital India

So, even a person staying in a remote area can shop online and get his stuff delivered right at his doorstep – Such will be the outcome if e-commerce is used by the GOI. No wonder, like the vision states e-commerce will not only provide various e-services but also drive entrepreneurship.


Restructuring National Informatics Centre will not only steer e-governance apps but also help in computer networking  and cyber security

National Informatic Centre NIC provides with several telecommunications networking services such as LANs, MANs, Ku bands including SCPC, FDMA, TDMA, and Satellite Broadband with gateways for Intranet/Internet resource sharing. In addition, offers number of services including digital signatures, CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, informatics, and office procedure automation. Thus making sure, cyber security is as important as national security.


Lastly, when India will become #DigitalIndia , the very technology will ensure that the Government – Citizen Interface is completely corruption free!

Thus, covering almost all the 17 Visions as stated by Narendra Modi on behalf of Government of India.

Me and Intel India – support the initiative of #DigitalIndia aimed by the Government of India.


Do you? What are your thoughts, do share it in the comment box…


Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India – Official Website of Narendra Modi


Stand, Hold and Tilt: A Better Way is here with New Yoga Tablets from Lenovo!

“Thud” I threw my phone and started working on my laptop. After working on the software almost for 2 hours began my usual cribbing and cursing. Still a day left for the submission, I thought of reviving myself by catching up a movie.

While the laptop was busy with the writing work on my software. I thought of using my Android tablet, my close companion which always comes to my rescue when my laptop and smart phone ditches me.  And I started watching my favorite movie on my tab leaning it against a support. Oh I know, setting my tablet inclined is a dicey practice no wonder it has been dropped thrice up till now but then what else can I do to put the big rectangular slab at rest?

Well, I can definitely buy those folios and cases to watch my movie comfortably but then again a new purchase. I certainly hear my mom shouting at me, “Paise paed pe lagte hain kya.” After spending so much on the product, she would never give me extra money to spend another few bucks to get me a case to prop my tablet up. Well, that’s how all the mothers are aren’t they? Actually, that’s how we all Indians are! Being pakka Indian we would never want to give extra money for the pain that an expensive product is giving us. Perhaps that is why Lenovo has come up with an entire new way out to solve our problem.

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet,” (Yes, that’s what the name is) gives us an altogether better way to use Android tablets. While all these years we have been adhering to the rigid technology and their setting, Yoga Tablet is flexible and adapts to the way we want to use our tab. Stand, tilt or hold, these three unique features help you to use tablet like the way you never did before. For instance, if you happen to grasp the weighty plane of the Tab and switch it on portrait mode, you are utilizing the “hold mode.”  On the other hand, if you put the Yoga Tablet on a surface in such a way that the round circular parts faces towards you then it is the “tilt mode” and lastly the stand mode is that mode where the tab stands on its own with a kickstand. We can watch movies on Yoga Tabs or even bring it into play with a Bluetooth keyboard just like a workstation.

My favorite mode is the tilt mode as although it may not look fascinating it is actually very useful and handy. Just prop up the Yoga tablet at an angle and see for yourself how comfortable typing is. That certainly means no extra money required to purchase those cases.  What’s more, with 18 hour battery life and incorporated kickstand, each possessing front faced speaker, Yoga Tablet is perfect device for marathon TV spectators and regular flyers.

Now, that Lenovo Yoga Tablet has clearly solved one of the most important problem faced by the major users of tablets I would want the makers to check my ideal specification for an ideal Tablet, if at all they are feasible, technological accessible and possible:

With size anything between 8 and 10 inch and processor with 4 core, display resolutions must inclined towards 1080p north. Sleeky and slim, just the way the sexy Yoga Tablet is, so that I can carry it in one hand and move freely. For storage space, I was wondering if something upgradeable like SSD, or perhaps two memory cards slots can be fixed. Then, my ideal laptop would definitely require a big battery just like the Yoga Tablet running 18 hours with a way better wireless strength.

RAM should beat the 4 GB score and SoC has to be more and more potent as multitasking is one of the prime requirement of today and will be in the future. Inductive/Wireless charging along with NFC is definitely a need of the day for tablets. Screen resolution would be minimum 1440 x 900, AMOLED screen, 400 nits with stereo speakers anything between 1.5 to 2 watts. My ideal tablet would definitely have optional dock which comprises HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and 4 USB/Thunderbolt. Lastly, with all these features my ideal Tablet would be that tablet which I can easily operate with my single hand just like Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet.

This post is written for Indiblogger’s Lenovo Yoga Tablet – Better Way Contest.

To know more about Lenovo India click here – https://www.facebook.com/LenovoIndia