Top 3 Hotels in Mumbai To Relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation!

Often in Mumbai, we Mumbaikars after a week full of travelling to our work via local trains, and BEST buses drain by the time it is weekend. No wonder every Friday we do wish to get away from the daily hustle of our life and escape for a day to some luxurious hotel in our city.

I’m sure we all have thought about it sometime or the other. With me, I keep on day dreaming of spending some great time in the lavish hotels of Mumbai if at least for a single day. Here are the 3 Hotels in my bucket list for a lazy day to feel like a Queen:

Hotel Taj, Mumbai

If you are a 90s kid you know what HOTEL TAJ really is! It was only a single 5 star Hotel we kids knew about. In fact, 5 star meant Taj just like Toothpaste was synonymous to Coalgate and Biscuit was Parle G. Ever since then I have been dreaming to spend a day there.


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Well, my ideal day would be staying at one of the Tower Rooms in Taj Mahal Palace where I can feel the comfort and forget all the hustle bustle of the city which usually disturbs everything. I would definitely visit the famous Harbour Bar to chill out at the end of a tiring day while rest of the day I’ll eat out from various restaurants in the hotel.

Now since Taj Mahal Palace is one of the finest hotels in India and Mumbai, I would want to experience the refined architecture, inimitable comfort, classy amenities and a superior service and hospitality so that I sit back and spend my day in the palace like a modern day queen having nothing to do except enjoy the pleasure of staying in Taj right opposite the Gate Way of India.


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The Lalit, Mumbai

Having been to The Lalit for more than 3 times for seminars and conference, I have often wondered how comfy the stay would be if I just take a room and spend a day inside. I would surely relax in Rejuve – The Spa and enjoy food and drink across the globe. No wonder, the Lalit has some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in house including WOOKS, Baluchi and 24/7. Besides, how can I miss the nightlife at Trendz to enjoy some fusion cuisine and Mumbai’s nightlife culture. Sutra Lounge Bar is something which I have been dying to visit from long.

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JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai

I really cannot own a sea facing house in Mumbai but can definitely spend a day by a sea facing room in a luxury hotel. This is the reason why I’m always attracted to any sea face hotel and in Mumbai nothing can beat the Juhu JW Marriott known for its classy rooms that offers luxury at a great price.

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Interestingly, at JW Marriott I would love to relax at the outdoor pools, get lazy and the award winning spa and then have fun at the nightclub Enigma.

These 3 luxurious hotels in Mumbai will not only let me lose my self but also help me forget all the daily pain – making it a perfect place to relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation! I hope to book soon as ClearTrip is giving us Hotel Deals – How about you where do you plan to spend your one day Vacation at?

Earl’s Secret Ooty : Restaurant Review

Ooty is a paradise for all the tourists especially during the Summer Season when the sun is burning hot in the entire country. Well, we too decided to run away from the scorching heat of Mumbai into somewhere the sun couldn’t even touch us, and that’s when we decided to visit Ooty.


Beautiful place, everything about Ooty was as beautiful as we were told. And then how could we have missed having a memorable lunch at the famous Earl’s Secret Multi-cuisine restaurant which our friend who studied in one of Ooty’s School had recommended. We had a pleasant experience, and here’s why everybody must visit Earl’s Secret during their stay in Ooty


Situated at Havelock Road in Charring Cross, this restaurant is a part of Hotel Kings Cliff. The Hotel is not a building, but a vintage bungalow which they have renovated as per the latest requirements. The restaurant is just outside the Hotel, and guess what it is a glass restaurant. Outside the restaurant is a beautiful garden. Very, serene and gorgeous, the city’s hustle and bustle is no more a tension here.


Rating – 4.5/5


It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, so you get Mughlai, Chinese as well as Continental Food here. From Italian Pastas to steak, and the Kebabs, you’ll get stuff that can really wake up the foodie in you. What’s more, the ambience just makes you even more hungry. The food we had was steak and pasta. Not many restaurants serve you tasty pastas when you order pasta in white sauce, but this was pretty good. Even the amount of chicken in the pasta was good. And yes, do not forget to order their Garlic bread!


The quantity was good and so was the quality of food. The chicken starters that we had was yummy as well. What’s more, since Earl’s secret is all about lazy fine dining, we cherished the food even more I guess. What’s more, while your order come, you can enjoy a walk in the green lawn.

Rating – 4/5

Staff and Service

We reached around 12.30 in the afternoon for the lunch and as soon as we went the staff started their work. It was empty and as peaceful as the surrounding.  The staff was friendly and courteous. The service was quick too. I cannot do without that extra olive oil when I have my Italian pasta, and so when I asked them to bring, they were quick enough. What’s more, the staff won’t let the empty plates to stay on your table for long. They are quick, and at your call always. We had a good experience with the staff.

Rating – 4/5


It is situated at Charring Cross – If you have a car of your own it is fine. However, if you are taking an auto, you’ll have to walk and come till the main area because you won’t get any auto. My suggestion – do not miss that pleasant stroll back the the main road, that’s what I enjoyed the most.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Do Visit Earl’s Secret with your loved one if you are in Ooty. Nothing can beat a romantic lunch/dinner with your spouse in this gorgeous glass restaurant!

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8 Reasons Why Chilli Crab Is My Favorite Singaporean Food

What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment. ~ Anthony Bourdain (Quote Source)

Rightly said by America’s favorite Chef – Singapore is indeed a hot destination if you are looking to indulge in some scrumptious food to allure your taste buds! Though there are plenty of yummy Singaporean dishes, the one that truly makes me go Nom Nom is Singapore’s Signature Dish – Chilli Crab. Yes, the island has lots of seafood to relish including the luscious crustaceans!

chilli-crab-singaporean-foodPhoto Source

Here I shall tell you why Chilli Crab, one of the National Dishes of Singapore is my Favorite Singaporean Food –

1. Because Despite Its Name “Chilli Crab” It Is Not That Spicy

I cannot eat spicy things and anything that has the word chilli in it. However, I can relish Chilli Crab since the food consist not only chilli but tomato puree along with some sauces that gives the Chilli Crab a really amazing taste. Tangy, flavory, spicy, and tasty, this Singaporean food is something that makes me crave “it” every time I think of Seafood and Singapore.



2. Because I can slurp the Mouthful Crabs and Relish Them Wholeheartedly

For all those who are in love with Seafood, knows what a pleasure it is, to slurp any sea food that has a shell over it. And every time I glug these tasty fried crabs dipped in this amazing mixture of sweet and savory sauce, it just makes me ask for some more…


3. Because It is Tasty as well as Healthy

Crabs contain low calorie and unsaturated fats which is very friendly when it comes to the heath of one’s heart. Besides, it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid which not only helps in reducing the risk of cancer but also the chances of heart attack. So, every time I indulge into these tasty and heavenly creatures, I know I’m having a healthy as well as tasty treat!



4. Because This Tasty Singaporean Dish Helps Me in Entering the Stress Free Zone

While certain foods can make you feel fat and sleepy, chilli crabs only refreshes you. The reason? Well, these heavenly crabs consists good amount of chromium is them. So, the moment I taste this tasty meat dipped in appetizing sauce, I forget all the stress, and depression that surrounds me.


5. Chilli Crab Is A Gastronomic Delight

Not all that is sweet and savory tastes good. But, chili crab which has been founded in 1950 by chef Cher Yam Tian with the help of her husband Lim Choon Ngee is worth tasting. The reason? Well, it comes with a history. The couple used to sell fried crabs on their pushcart, but one fine day on the insistence of her husband, Cher Yam Tiam used bottled chilli sauce on these fried crabs. Soon, the dish was sold like hot cakes.


Yes, yes, it is tried, tested and is a product of gastronomy. So, now you know why the food that has been admired from past 6 and a half decade all over the world has something distinctive to boast about. No wonder, I love the foods that are gastronomical delights!

6. The Food Looks Yummy When It is Served – It Is Simply Irresistible

The moment Chilli Crab appears on your table, your mouth starts watering automatically. Yes, the rich color, the luscious crabs and the entire garnishing makes it simply irresistible from the go. So, if you happen to visit Singapore anytime soon, don’t forget to taste my favorite Singaporean Chili Crab.


7. Chilli Crab Is Available In Every Nook and Corner of Singapore

You won’t have any problem in tasting Chilli Crab because this signature dish of Singapore is available in each and every corner of the Singaporean Island. From the hawker stalls to the seafood restaurants, you’ll get chilli crab anywhere and everywhere at your service. Like they say in India – Kahin Bhi, Kabhi Bhi…


8. And And And….I can Relish Chilli Crab from my Own Hands in the Desi Style…

Chilli Crab is eaten with bare hands to relish its taste – This makes me crave this food even more. Because while steak and other chicken/mutton dishes compel me to use fork and knife, I can simply relish the tasty chilli crab with my bare hand in a restaurant without gaining any unwanted attention.


The last time I was having chicken steak with bare hands and everybody in the restaurant was looking at me. No wonder, my brother had a raised eyebrow …

Not just Chilli Crab there are plenty of tasty dishes waiting for you in Singapore. To discover all the yummy delicacies, and the hotels, check the official website of Far East Hospitality


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11 Reasons Why Melbourne Is the Most Liveable City in the World!

Melbourne this year was declared as the Most Liveable City in the World. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because It Is Artistic – Yes, the Gothic Laneways Is Highly Alluring!

Ever dreamt of a place where you stroll through lanes and arcades which flaunts colors and arts? While,you might witness in your dreams, but this is a reality for all the locals in Melbourne. A Look one of the most artistic street in Melbourne – the Hosier Lane!


2. Because It Has One of the Best Transportation

With buses, trains and trams, one can easily Travel to and fro in Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne’s Tramway Network is the largest Tramway network in the world! These world famous Trams pick up and drop you to each and every corner of Melbourne.

Bank_of_Melbourne_tram_side (1)Source

3. Because of Its Pleasant Weather Throughout the Year – Ah, that’s an added advantage!

Melbourne is neither very hot nor very cold. In simple terms, it has the best weather to live in. The average Temperature in summer is 25 degree Celsius, while 14 degree Celsius in winter. Whatever time of the year it maybe, Melbourne is the best destination for all the time.


4. Because Melbourne Is a City Which Believe in Multikulti – Making It Very Easy to Adjust

A Multicultural City, Melbourne is a home to people across every nook and corner of the world. People of 140 cultures live here in harmony which includes Europeans, Asians, Africans and Americans. In fact, Chinese and Greek came to Melbourne during 1850s.


5. Because It Has Many Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Melbourne is fully surrounded by gorgeous gardens and parks. The Royal Park of Melbourne covers around 181 hectares and is hub for various sports including Cricket, Hockey, Fotball, Soccer, Netball and other sports. A perfect place for your kids.


6. It is a Musical City – Perfect For A Vibrant Lifestyle!

Melbourne Hosts Australia’s biggest Music Festival Big Day Out where both Local as well as International bands perform. An eclectic city, Melbourne has various types of night life options. In addition, you’ll find dance clubs, underground bars and even jazz cafe around the streets. Melbourne also has one of the biggest Casino which hosts around 500 tables.


7. Because of Its Magnificent Victorian Architecture – Gorgeous City to Live in – Indeed!

Architecture and Infrastructure are the two things which instantly describes a city and Melbourne’s prime feature is its architecture. The Victorian Architecture of 1800 can be seen in Melbourne along with the new type of architecture.


8. Queen Victoria Market 

A global city, Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market is a global shopping place where you get everything. A perfect place, for both the locals as well tourist to shop for the utilities.


9. The Perfect Place For Children – Zoo, Acquarium, Water Sports etc

Melbourne has 3 Zoos, A large acquarium and a botanical garden. In addition, the vibrant city has several water sports and activities going in the Yarra river, which is undoubtedly the heart of the Melbourne City now.


10. Because of Its Great Variety of Food, Restaurants, Cafe and Bars…..

From Italian, Chinese to Viatnemese and many other delicacies, you get to taste almost all the flavors. There are great number of restaurants in Melbourne.. Yes, yes, there are budget eatiers too.


And Lastly,

11. Because It Has the Best Lot of Folks, check out here

And Yes Melbourne Welcomes you with Open Arms.

Not just these 11 Reasons, but there are plenty more reasons to stay in Melbourne, click the link to explore – Visit Melbourne

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