When Star Wars R2-D2 & Aurebesh Became My Partner in Crime

As soon as the term ‘ Star Wars’ pops in my mind, I’m completely immersed into the iconic Star Wars universe.


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…and things get really dark when you get a printout on the dining table in the Aurebesh Language – The Language of the Galaxy.73b5bf7bca8823d477e9500e63f4b539

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To my surprise, when I looked here and there to see what my cousin is upto, a sound of R2-D2 surprised me. When I went in the direction of the sound, my cousin enthralled me with his new Star Wars Special Edition Notebook that actually had more than 1,100 images of Star Wars, an e-book on Star Wars and even Star Wars Comic.




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However, what took my breath away was the Aurebesh Font in the Notebook and the emergence of a sound like Artoo-Deetoo. Not to miss the glowing red backlit keys as well.


Well, those who are wondering what the font mean, let me tell you it says – ‘May the Force Be with you.’

Ever since we two were kids, we imagined ourselves as the citizen of Coruscant and often used to communicate in the Aurebesh language – The language of the Galaxy.

Together, we lived in the secret world where I was Princess Leia and he was the Darth Vader. We enjoyed playing the character and often behaved in a similar away at home and even used our own signs to communicate with each other.


It was my dream to control the dark side and to my surprise, my cousin had given the access to the Empire.

However, for a change, the dark Star Wars Special Edition Notebook has inspired me to be a little bit quirky – fulfilling my destiny in the real world.

And for that I really need a R2-D2

No, not because, R2-D2 is the……


But Because,

R2-D2 is the one who can actually go to the neighbors and give them the 1 katora sabzi etc which my mom tells me to give…


Can go and flush the toilet when every time one of the family member yells why I didn’t flush

giphy (1)

R2-D2 can come to my rescue every time the kids asks me to play the Guitar…

You never know they’ll love the electronic beeps and whistles he adds in between.

giphy (2)

R2D2 Turntable FTW

A DJ night On the New Years Eve with R2D2 as DJ -Just imagine the beeps and the baby sound…


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R2-D2 CCTV Camera to Scare Robbers and Thieves

Just imagine the sound of this droid, it is surely going to bring the entire colony on its toes.


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And Finally this, to Irritate the most Annoying Character in my Colony


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Besides, I’m so inspired by the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook ,that I’m planning to mail my office team with the Aurebesh font –  Well, its finally time to #AwakenYourForce


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Wondering the reaction of the boss..

giphy (3)

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The HP Star Wars Notebook has already got me excited. How about you? Eager to know more? Well, simply check here or tweet #AwakenYourForce and get ready to fulfil your destiny in the dark side. See you there!

5 Things I’m all Set to Do with My Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

So now that Airtel 4G is available at the cost of 3G and we are getting it for free right at our doorstep, I’m all set to apply and try the new Airtel 4G to check out its unbelievable speed.


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Well, I’m all excited about using 4G Network and here’s what I’m thinking to do first when I switch my 3G network into 4G network.

Book a Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC has always been a headache for me. To be honest, every time I try my hand at booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, I’m highly disappointed because I have never got one. Yes, in spite of seeing tickets available at 10 am sharp by the time I’m done with the payment, I get a Waiting ticket. So the first thing I’ll definitely try is booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Even for normal tickets, booking from Airtel 4G will be a sigh of relief.

Full Movie Download

Well, Movie download has always been a major issue for me. I often download it during the night and wait till the morning. In such a scenario, I can only watch the movie the next day. But, now that I’ll have Airtel 4G, I’m eager to download my favorite movie as soon as I start my 4G pack.

To Enter in Contests which are Time Conscious and Limited to First Come First Basis

On a daily basis there are many contests available online where the time starts at “x” time and by the time it is x.01 minutes, it is over. The reason being in this 1 minute all the seats/freebies/vouchers are taken away by your fellow competitors. I would definitely use Airtel 4G to try out submitting by entry in such time restricted contests which are limited to few people only.

Live Streaming & Video Streaming Is Definitely on my mind

Every time I stream videos, I’m so frustrated that I often end up spoiling my and my partner’s mood. Live streaming is such a pain with 2G and sometimes even with a 3G network. This is the reason why I’m so excited for “Live Streaming” with my new Airtel 4G – The fastest Network ever!

Upload Several Things on the Internet and attach heavy files in the mails

Usually uploading takes a lot of time than downloading. This is the reason why we usually leave our computer or phone and go in search of a coffee, the moment we start uploading anything. Then whether it is uploading hundreds of images on our Picasa, Facebook or attaching several files in a mail, it takes a lot of time. This is the reason why I’m looking forward to try uploading all types of images and files once I get my Airtel 4G.

You too can get an Airtel 4G SIM absolutely free. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag – #GetAirtel4G.

Well, what do you plan to do with Airtel ’s unbelievable speed? Well, if you think your network is better than Airtel 4G, you can also register for the Airtel Challenge.

Khul Jaye Bachpan At Its Best When Parents Become Buddy Parents

Parenting is not that easy. Becoming too harsh will make them rebel and becoming too lenient would make them sit you on your head. In such circumstances, the best way to deal with them is by being their buddy. Yes, only a buddy parent can guide the tiny tots and make learning easy and playful.

While, I’m still not a parent, I have seen how my sister a mother of a 7 year old kid has been a buddy parent over the years. Here are few instances, “The Khushi Ke Pal” Between my sister (parent) and my nephew (child).

When She Taught Him the Magic of Science, and He Taught Him a New Regional Language – “Kannada”

Observing scientists experimenting in the labs while watching cartoons, my nephew gets excited about science and the so called experiments, wondering how such things would be possible. Watching her son’s curiosity and interest in these experiments, my sister and his mom thought of showing him the basic experiments which is possible right at the comfort of home.

Next, she announced that they will together build a lab in the house and carry out similar experiments in the house. Fully excited my nephew geared up for the event and even shared the news with his dad, asking him the details. His dad revealed things that only excited him more.

When I entered the house, my nephew immediately took me to the second balcony. I wondered what the mother and son duo was upto. My nephew introduced me to their lab (which was the balcony) and introduced me to the scientist in the lab (who was sis) and introduced him as her assistant.

My sis was ready with a bowl of water, surf, and turmeric. I understood.


She then showed the first experiment to my nephew. How turmeric changed its color and became red in the presence of soapy water. Overwhelmed, my nephew was too excited to see a magic happening in front of his eyes.




His mom in a playful way explained him the reaction. And this is the way they have been learning many things in a playful way.

While, it would be just a “kuch bhi….” for a grownup it sure is a khushi ke pal for a parent and a child where both enjoy the precious moments and even the spectators like me cannot stop but appreciate the bonding moments. Believe me, it was khuljaye bachpan at its best!

They also have litmus paper and magnifying glass in their lab. My nephew these days often describe how certain things look under the magnifying glass.

 Surprisingly, my sister could learn from my nephew too – How?

Well, we are a bunch of North Indians and south Indian language is almost like Greek and Latin to us. So, when my sister shifted to Bangalore, she had lot of problems while talking to the local vendors especially those selling vegetables. Neither my sister could understand their language, nor did they understand my sister’s language. They talked in sign languages.

My nephew was admitted in a CBSE school. However, they said, “Kannada” is compulsory up till 8th Std. Now this worried both my sister and my nephew.

However, during the vacations, my nephew started going to a teacher’s place in the same building who taught Kannada language. Being a fast learner to our surprise he could grasp the language very quickly. Not just the basic aa aa ee ee but also some key words used in the daily life. Now he is learning Kannada language both in school as well as his Kannada tuition classes.


Back at home, when he is free he often sits with his home, writes the Kannada alphabets and makes her repeat what he says. In a way, he is teaching her the language Kannada while he himself is learning it in school.


He now knows how to say 1 to 20 in Kannada and he has taught the same to his mom. So, whenever my sister now goes to the local sabzi thella, she bargains using the Kannada term for the numbers.

So, when it comes to Kannada, my sister is a student and my nephew is a teacher. While, my nephew teaches her patiently, my sister too learns enthusiastically and even ask question out of curiosity which he answers sometimes like…..”are baba….” And then explains her in detail. The role reversal pattern followed by my sister is nothing but a part of being a buddy parent. After all, such moments not only give us some memorable moments (khushi ke pal) but also help us to relive our own childhood in a unique way (khul jaye bachchpan)

Another Instance

She is Teaching Him Yoga, While He is Guiding Her With the Mobile Apps, & PC Games

These days my nephew is going to karate classes and so he needs to be fit. Unexpectedly, he asked his mother to teach him yoga so that he becomes proactive in his physical activity. Happy to help my sister is teaching him all the kid yoga poses like Butterfly pose, Child Pose. Prayanama and Kapalbhati is something he has been doing since he was 4!


This one hour yoga session which they do on weekends is truly “Khushi Ke Pal” The reason? Well, the family bond over it. During one such session in my presence in the end my nephew announced let’s end the yoga with the ghoda asan (Horse pose) and there was an great level of excitement on his face.

Next, I saw my sister became a horse and my little nephew was riding his horse around the world (the house). It was indeed a ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ moment for me.

Few hours later after the lunch, I saw both the mother and son on the couch and my nephew shouting, “mom F1 F1, the arrow keys, no no the “N” button…” and when I came near I saw he was teaching the tricks of playing GTA Vice City.


I couldn’t help but smile after observing the significance of Buddy Parenting. No wonder, it did gave me those “Kushi Ke Pal” to cherish and even a “Khuljaye Bachpan” moment.

Kellogg’s Chocos Is Celebrating such Khuljaye Bachpan moments.  Join the community where moms get into conversations on health & nutrition for their little ones.

Do share your own ‘Khushi Ke Pal’ moments that you may have experienced or come across here in the comments box or on the Kellogg’s Chocos official Facebook page.

Inki Condition Serious Hai: The 5 Seriously Serious Cases..

Last night, I was about to get a good night sleep after drinking some  win…..e…..oh I mean some win..e..ter coffee (This one is for my relatives ;)). However, no sooner I was ready to doze off than I got a call from my maternal aunty’s sister’s daughter, oh yes my maami’s sister’s daughter roughly a year younger to me.

2.01 am – Thuddd Thuddd went my cell phone in the vibration mode…


Me: Hey Megha, wassup…

She: Hello D (Well, she called me by my nickname so let’s just call D here)

Me: Looks like you are partying hard tonight, till 2.00 am…Man, after marriage you seem to be rolling….How’s Amar?

She: Sobbing in low voices she slowly started howling loudly….

Me: What happened, are you okay?

She: No, Amar just met with an accident and he is no more…

Hardly a year of marriage and a girl so young…My mind started wandering….and then the line disconnected….

Thuddd Thuddd and the phone vibrated again…

Me: Hey Megha, I’m sorry to hear……rrrr…..that…

She: Nothing yaar, it is just that I had to do this…

Me: You had to do this, What do you mean you had to do this? Do you mean you murdered Amar?

She: You mad-a-what? It’s just that the crow had stroked my head with its beak and so I had to pass a message of this false death so that there is no death in my family as per the superstitions.

Me: WTF……Is he alive?

She: Oh yes, yes he is..I’m sorry I had to do this…

Me: #Condition Serious Hai Teri….Doctor Ko Dikhana Padega

She: Kyu Kya Hua Mujhe Darra Mat…

Megha comes under the category of people who are confused and believes in living their life by the stupid rituals that have been laid by some stupid people. To be precise she belongs to the “darr darr ke jeene wale log” just like Sharman Joshi of 3 idiots. This people are very dangerous to the society because they themselves are not just serious, but try to pass this contagious disease at a rate faster than that of virus. Phew!

This was Case 1


Case 2

Megha ka toh condition serious hai….Aur kaun serious hai? Well, other than Megha, there are people who take social networking sites too seriously. For instance you post something in a light mood and these people are ready to blast you left and right…

For instance, look at this meme shared in a page


The third female comments – “The guy was freezing to death and they decided to make a meme out of it. WTF is wrong with this generation..”

Now, no one urges females to come and like a page called Funny Jokes, Quotes and Pictures and when they do, what they expect?

Liking a Humorous page and commenting like a saint – Such people’s condition is terribly serious. In other words, these are the casualty patients who are in urgent need of 5 Star Doses. And since we find such breeds in high number especially on Facebook, how about a smiley of 5 Star to decrease the Blood Pressure of these serious people…


Case 3

In Case 2 we saw the sensitive lots in the social media circle. In Case 3 we have the thinking lots. Check the below image –

FACEBOOK_DNow did you see the second comment? Makes me wonder, if only the bloke or the girl used his/her intellectual and pro-active mind in something more productive…Well,,,,,,,


Case 4

These are those serious people who take their social networking life so serious that they tend to put everything on it…From how hard their exam paper was, to why did the lady they met while traveling wasn’t talking to her husband. Then thinking, “Did they elope” and when they post such status their equivalents reply without various alternatives that are running in their mind. The usual probablities…

Aha, now the last but certainly not the least……

Case 5

Yellow Journalism

“Wife humiliates and beats up husband on Valentine’s Day”
“44 year old stone foetus found inside women aged 86”
“Shocking – Women forced to give birth during her Class 12 exams”

Have you ever come across such headlines in newspapers and Digital Magazines? Don’t you think yellow journalism have a sick yellow fever of seriousness. Well, time to give them a dose of Cadbury’s Five Star to evaporate the rate of seriousness in their body…

The above 5 cases indeed proves that Seriousness is the serious disease and there is only one treatment or rather vaccine to it – A Sweet Chill Pill that evaporates their seriousness within themselves in few seconds


Humor in life is just like oxygen in water, it keeps us healthy and live. However, in spite of this fact, there are a section of people who are always looking for problems even in funny things and humorous quotes. They are the ones who always want to be in pressure, tension and increase their BP no matter how smoothly things are going on. These kinds of people are quite dangerous as inki CONDITION SERIOUS HAI..isliye inko chahiye Cadbury ka 5 Star

This post is written for Indiblogger and Cadbury’s Condition Serious Hai Contest.
To know more about Cadbury’s 5 star click here – the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page

Make a Steady Start, Plan your Career in UK

Aha, it’s that nail biting time of your career where you would be hoping to pick up the best combination of college, university and study course. While your parents, relatives and friends might be bombarding you with several options that might make you the next big earner in your family or locality, you might be feeling the entire drama “nonsensical.” After all, you want to study something different at your own pace and not get into the rat race which Indians are so famous for.

Knowledge is great, knowledge is power and knowledge is the source of success” is your motto for the rest of your life where creativity, innovation and skills are an integral part of your career as earning fat salary in a world recognized organization is, boy, then you should certainly open the closed doors of your dream career and make it into reality. Wondering – how, when and where? Well, you and me are currently sailing in the same boat and here’s the answer to almost all of your queries –

Alright, Let’s look at an example – 2 years ago one of my neighbors after doing a MBA was still jobless. Call it recession, lack of placements or anything but the boy couldn’t get a single job anywhere. This made him not only frustrated but also irritating. The boy who was so studious all through these years, followed the pattern and even did best in his career was now a failure because he failed to find any job in the market. Well, the reason is not one but many. Now, let’s consider another example, now this boy is the studious boy’s cousin. The cousin wasn’t as good as my neighbor, however, no sooner than he had his degree he had a brilliant job offer. Although he might have been an average student earlier, he was a changed man after his studies. Made me wonder, what was the cause of sudden transformation and change in the boy. This transition from an average guy to well qualified person who not only has fat salary but also skills and expertise was because he made a smart decision at the vital point of his career. Yes, the boy had opted for a higher education in UK.


I wondered how he earned his degree in such a short time? He then introduced me to several features of studying in UK by giving me the link of British Council, a website which he had found useful before planning his education in UK. From here, he had applied for English test IELTS (International English language Testing System) and enhanced in chance of studying in india as well as abroad. To my surprise I was bestowed with some attractive benefits as soon as I hit the button go. Here are some:

  • Courses in UK are of shorter duration. For instance Post Graduation Courses for 1 year instead of 2 and Graduation for 3 years as compared to 4 years in US.
  • UK graduated International students are paid higher than their counterparts who studied in their home country
  • Lots of financial support is endowed to the student through different forms of scholarship
  • Many shops and other places where you need to shell out money give concessions to students to make their life easy.
  • People from all race, religion, culture and country are a part of these universities, welcoming students from open hands. The colleges follow the multi-faith society and multi
  • Universities encompass World-Class education, that not only develops skills but also inspires students to achieve their best. No wonder 97% of the colleges were rated beyond good for their overall performance
  • Teaching style in the UK colleges are ought to embed students with attributes such as teamwork, innovation, leadership and creativity
  • Freedom of choosing personalized course by selecting modules that suits the student best.

Student life in UK

If I had the opportunity of rewinding back my life, I would definitely pursue my MPhil in UK to study my favorite course, “Politics & International Relations” from Corpus Christi College in the Oxford University.


Currently in India, only 5 or 6 universities have this course out of which three of the universities are good – Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry and Manipal University in Karnataka. While, the first two prestigious Government universities offer you with the best knowledge, getting admission there is a tough job. Not that I can’t get through the process but the one thing that becomes a constant hindrance is the reservation policy. Yea, the result of the competitive exams is declared by keeping the reservation quota in mind.

So, the third option which remains for everybody is Manipal University, a private university down South. Although studying here isn’t a problem, however, being a private institute it brings a hole in the pocket. Well, people do not mind in spending the amount. However, is it worth spending your time and money in such a university if you are looking for great knowledge and return for your investment? Certainly not, as it ranks far down to what its counterparts JNU and PU stands for. Certainly there is no guarantee whether you may get a job in the field you desire.

My immediate choice would be Corpus Christ College in the Oxford University. The reason, well, first, there would be competitive exam but sans reservation. Next, the main reason – This course will equip me with all the necessary skills that are essential not only to commence study and research at an advanced rank but also to carry out several types of professional job in this career.

One of the most recognized universities for International Relations, Oxford university, is ought to provide me a thorough mastery of the methodologies, major facts in the field along with an expertise to develop research skills. In addition, studying along with several like minds from different countries who have come there for a common goal is likely to bestow me with a very good atmosphere to focus my goal. What’s more? Here, I will have to choose only 2 module of my choice from 15 options.

Secondly, after the course I would be getting job opportunities with the help of alumni network and several other forms in UK as well as if I decide to come back to India or aspire to work for UN.

However, now that I’m in a similar field earning my living through freelance writing, I now wish to pursue another course through UK. Well, for this, I will not have to go to UK to pursue this course but apply online and learn from them in what we may all as truly globalized course and education.

For the Online Course, I would definitely opt for Scriptwriting Course.

Why? Well, because the course is ought to flourish my writing skills and also give a fresh new start to my job of freelance writer since I wish to write for Bollywood someday as a script writer. Needless to say, it would enhance my writing skills for documentary since although I am good at research, the script writing process need a mentor who can guide me, teach me and brush my skills to transform me into a pro.

Out of many colleges that offer Online Course in Script Writing, I would definitely opt for UK Writers College for some of the best facilities that are available with them, including classes from multi-award-winning author and playwright, “ Karen Jeynes.” From Industry tips to various ideas, the course will bestow me with a all new direction in the process. What’s more from plot, Structure, Action, Characters, dialogue, technical parameters, editing, to the start and the conclusion part, I’ll be trained in all the aspects from experts.

It is nearly impossible to go in for a full time or even a part time course as I have to earn my living, so the online course of UK comes as a blessing in disguise since I can pursue the course at any time of the year and complete at my own pace within 12 months.

Knowledge is great, isn’t it? And no matter how old we become we still learn. So, now that I couldn’t pursue a career in Politics and International relation from Corpus Christi College in Oxford University, I wish to pursue an online career in the field of script writing from my home, garden and lawn through UK Writers College.

 In addition British Council’s Future eLearn where we can register for free of charge short courses is surely my bet and all other Indians who want to enrich their knowledge more.  The good part is that, these courses provide you with different subjects to garnish your brain in an online atmosphere where different students worldwide together assemble to study from a well-qualified teacher. The good news, over 20 universities have enrolled for Future elearn with others following in the trend.

For all the young minds who are looking to make a difference right from the start of their career surely should opt for full time courses in UK, while those who want to stay in India, work but still wish to enrich their skills should go for online Courses in UK.


For more information on the courses, procedures to enroll and test, you can hit the “British Council” Website or http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ to plan a steady career start in UK.

Image Source: British Council, Drewett Signs
Video source: British Council, India

Vision 2020: The India of My Dreams

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

Where knowledge is free,

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls,

Where words come out from the depth of truth,

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection,

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit,

Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action,

 Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” 

Rabindra Nath Tagore prior to our Independence had penned down these lines articulating his thoughts for a free India. India then became a free nation and even achieved all these basic parameters led by the great Bengali poet. However, after six decades of independence, the same lines somehow look unaccomplished to a contemporary mind. The inspiring words yet again motivate us to bring about radical change in India. My Vision 2020 for India is decoding these lines all over again by transforming these rhetoric lines into action.


 Where the mind is without fear and the head is held highA Prosperous Nation encompassing Peace, National Security and Unity

Riots, gender discrimination, sexual harassment – Can a nation ever prosper with these vices? Never! So, eliminating all this vulnerability is very necessary in order to tread in the path of progress and development. Secondly, any country can only develop if the people at the grass root level rises. This makes it apparent that equal opportunities with adequate facilities for the bottom of the pyramid should be a motto to make India shine brightly. 

Where knowledge is free – 100% Literacy and Jobs

A developing country can never become a developed nation if its people remain illiterate and are deprived from basic education. My Vision 2020 includes free education for sustainable livelihood to all the Indians so that they have a better life along with a better ‘power of purchase’. No more poverty and hunger being a hindrance in India’s path to success. 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls – Liberalization changing India’s face at the global level

No more country boundaries, trade barriers should ever confine Indians from achieving the best. The spirit of globalization transcending the face of India in terms of prosperity, and India reaching its full potential is what I see India in the year 2020.

Where words come out from the depth of truth, Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection – Good Governance along with commercial success 

Dynamic and far-sighted leadership through transparency, proper administration and continuous growth can maximize the economic development of India. Maximum utilization of technology, skills and resources can drive the nation swiftly. Also, important parameters like health facilities including vaccination, immunization, child nutritional programme and sanitation can make us a far better nation state.

 Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit – Progress through adequate technology and infrastructure by neglecting obsolete ideas

 India from ages has been behind in various fields due to certain customs. However, our nation can move way beyond only if these hurdles are set aside and radical thinking is practiced. Radical thought is what should conquer in every Indian’s mind to envision a bright future for the country.

The India of my dreams is educated, advanced, liberal and prosperous. I envision Indians not only unified within but also closely attached with the global world, indeed implementing our Sanskrit phrase – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” with proud and honour.

Image Source: Developed India

Recharge your hair, recharge your life!

Events and parties that start straight away after travelling and work, usually gives us ladies a lot of headache specially in the hair department. Yes, a change of dress and shoes can modify us, a speedy make up can lighten up our facial appearance but what about the hair? Sadly, nothing concrete can be done about the hair.

However, by my experiences, I have come to the point that, if we get a chance to recharge the hair, it will surely recharge the overall appearance. Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at those moments, my life would not have been the same as it is now, it surely would have been recharged..

Let’s have a look at all those instances of my life where a simple recharge of hair would have changed the face of my life:

Instance 1: When I was a teenager, just out of school

I had a crush on this guy, let’s call him “Mr. X”. I was supposed to be introduced to him at a friend’s place. Unfortunately, that day I was having a bad hair day. While, I tried my best to look good by trying all the pretty dresses nothing really appeared fine, credits to my hair which were adamant to look messy and chaotic at that evening of rendezvous. Therefore, somehow I managed it by applying oil in the hair so that it could rest at peace on my head without messing up my face. Now, as soon as I entered her home, I was greeted by her elder brother in front of my crush as “Tailu (Greasy)”  Now, because of that, my crush, the brother’s friend also called me tailu and even addressed me as sister since I was friend of his friend’s sister. However, on the other hand, he was caught staring at my other friend, who of course escaped from being termed as “sister”. Later, I got to know that the two started dating after this meet, which was actually hosted for the start of my love affair. Yes, if only I knew how to recharge my hair, I would have started dating right at that point of time. Just imagine, the fun I would have had

Instance 2: When I joined office as an intern

Working hard as an intern, I once got an opportunity to accompany one of my seniors to a corporate party. Unfortunately, I had to start for the party right after my work in a span of 15 minutes. Well, that day most of my time was spent in the shop floor,  due to which, my hairs were tied up inside the shower cap to ensure nothing falls in the machine room.

Once I was done for the day. I went in the loo for a quick change and I could not believe what I saw. My hair went all crazy, reluctant to obey the language of my comb. Somehow, I tried to manage it and with that look I went into my manager’s cabin. He looked at me from top to bottom and then said, “Deepti, I think you are too tired for the day and since you stay far off in Navi Mumbai, I would rather request Miss “Y” to accompany me to the party. So, how see, how my messy hair took away an awesome opportunity from me. No, I’m not talking about dating my senior but of meeting the manager of another company who selected Miss “Y” for a project, credits to her communication skill. Now, going by her records, she is not as good as me when it comes to communication, only if my hair wouldn’t have ditched me. I would now be working with that manager in a top MNC.

Instance 3: When I hiked the whole day

During one of my hiking few years back, I became so tired that I drenched myself into the waterfall the whole time. Now, you know how the hair becomes when it faces lot of dust and rallies up with water. Enjoying water, I had no mercy at my hair. Actually, to be honest, I was not at all bothered. However, I started worrying when it was announced that we would have a campfire in the night. Now, we were supposed to dance by the camp fire and that was the end of my fun.

In the evening, when the entire pack of girls danced, shaking and moving their body as well as hair, I was sitting in a corner watching them like a killjoy. The entire episode still makes me go nuts, so much that whenever I see those girls I feel like yelling at top of my voice. I somehow, do not like those girls but going by the news by a gossip monger, they have become a gang of friends now. If only I had something to recharge my hair, I too would have been part of that girly gang…

Instance 4: When I had a safari ride in the deserts

Safari ride in the desert – What can you expect? Well, hair full of dust, dirt and clots. And on top of that, if you are hosting an event at a festival where tons of foreigners are expected to see you as a host, what can be the outcome? Well, I wasn’t even given a second glance, courtesy the hair that messed up my look. I not only lost the chance to host other events but also lost the entire chance of hosting from that day. If only looks lied and vocalizations did not.

Having faced the worst situations in the above mentioned four instances where I lost the chance to get my dream boy, dream jobs, and happening gang, I have now realized why recharging my hair is very important for recharging my life.

Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at that time, my life would have been recharged with lots of things which I am now deprived of.

This post is for Indiblogger’s and Sunsilk’s contest – Recharge Your Hair, Recharge your life

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