Appearing Photogenic…

When it comes to getting snapped, I’m the one who constantly hides for cover whenever the camera is out. And if by any chance I am snapped than I start urging friends and relatives against posting my pictures on social networking sites. No wonder, we all dislike being  photographed if we look hideous especially in a group photograph when the other not so good looking girl appears beautiful and emerges flawless in the same photograph. However, there are tricks to appear pictorial in front of the camera which I recently found out while experimenting one fine day in my closet. Perhaps these tricks on appearing photogenic would help you too.

Let’s face it, we women hate appearing chubby in any picture. Especially, the ones who have a slender body and a nice round face like me yet the picture shouts, “Deepti, you have a huge round plumpy face”.  No wonder, the chubby cheeks would please my grandmom, aunts and uncles but when it becomes the focus of attention in a picture, it surely makes me lose my temper. I might be a nerve-wracking dilemma for you too. Just imagine you appearing like a Miss flabby in a group photo and the “Miss Grumpy” appearing “Miss charming”Noooooo.

Out of this dilemma, my experiment with the camera, bestowed me with my first trick on appearing photogenic, which is…..

“Look Above the Camera Lenses.”

Yes, never stare directly at the camera lenses.  Instead, always focus somewhat above the lens. When you tilt your head upwards, the light from the camera hits your face and eliminates any darkness or shadow. The pose also elevates the neck and makes your face appear leaner. If you have ever noticed Marilyn Monroe photographs closely, you’ll witness that she mostly gave her shots in a perfect camera angle. What’s more the lens ignores your double chin too and you appear great. In addition, for a slim upshot of your face, roll your tongue and touch the top of your mouth.

I always noticed that one side of my face in any photograph looked good while another appeared not so pleasing. So, the next trick to get rid of my lens phobia was to

“Picture the Good Side of the Face.”

Well, not only me but nobody has a perfect symmetrical face and so we always have the good side and the bad side of our face. The good side is the one from which the image seems to be quite pleasing. Try to enhance this good side. The partition of hair also plays a vital role in influencing the facial shape. So instead of standing straight in front of the camera fine-tune your hair and adjust yourself in certain angles to emerge gorgeous. For instance, if you have a big round face adjust your face three quarters towards the camera and you’ll actually see a cheekbone instead of a plump big face.


Next, I felt the way you stand, sit or lean matters a lot. So, the subsequent trick is to…

“Focus on Posture.”

A good posture can really dramatically enhance your emergence in front of the camera, making you appear more photogenic. Standing straight or sitting erect will make you appear alert and healthier too. Also, if you are in a group setting, you are ought to appear more striking than your stooping buddies. In addition, you do not have to hold your breath instead breathe normally. If you are worried about your bingo wings ( fat surrounding the armpit ) then placing your shoulders ahead a little with your hands on your hips just like the typical model poses can easily help you in eliminating those underarm bulges.

While browsing number of photographs in our friends album on Flickr, Picassa, Fb or any family album, we might come across one of those Pinky aunties or Miss Glamorous faking that smile. Now, although smiling for me is a bit difficult for a photograph still, as per my experiments all I could conclude was

“Smile Naturally.”

While smiling, be as natural as you can. Never force a smile. An enforced smile appears unnatural and looks creepy however a normal natural smile appears warm and looks gorgeous. What’s more, it also enlightens your eyes and makes it emerge more beautifully. Try to smile in a three quarter style rather than smiling too big and exposing your gums and various inner slits.

How many times have your bro teased you that are looking plumpy and you blamed it on your clothes? Well, although he might have laughed thinking you are not accepting the fact. The truth is, the dress indeed made you look fatter. So, the last trick definitely is to

“Dress Correctly For a Photograph.”

Avoid wearing dresses with patterns as it may overwhelm you while dresses with horizontal stripes can make you look wide and fat. Instead, go for neutrals and solids. It works best with digital photography. Make sure you adorn only those colors that goes well with your complexion. In addition, avoid wearing red, white or black color dress while being photographed as digital cameras have issues with the color red while white and black offers too much of a contrast.

What I eventually realized that my picture earlier did not please me mainly because I thought I won’t appear good. However, the feel good factor while getting clicked not only accentuated the image but also adorned my appearance.

Its not about looks but being confident, spontaneous and enjoying the moment of being photographed.

And really, a good picture really brings a smile on the face and happiness in our heart even if its only for a mili second…