My Baby Strongest, the Ayurvedic Dabur Way!

A baby skin is almost five times slimmer than a grown up and so watch the synthetic and chemically processed products you use Bahu” Frowned my mom when she saw my sister-in-law using an all new expensive skin care set (lotion, moisturizer and cream) on my nephew.

“Nothing will happen, Maa this time; the products seem to have the entire necessary ingredient which the baby requires for growth and development” Confronted my sister-in-law once again.

Oh I only hope it doesn’t cause any allergies to my little bundle of joy but makes him as strong and healthy as my son once was! You know a healthy baby, infant and toddler” Said my mom.

Days passed and my nephew experienced the same allergies he had earlier possessed. Besides, he was becoming pale and cheerless. Neither expensive items like fancy nutritional cream, lotion nor any moisturizer that my sister-in-law brought worked – eventually making his skin extremely dry. Perhaps babies have immature immune system and so they are the most vulnerable ones to potential toxins that any chemically processed products might have, even if it is in small quantities.

Actually, one of the major contributing agents is the early introduction of petrochemical based constituents via synthetic products and this precisely was the reason of his skin allergy.

My sister-in-law who earlier wanted to take care of her baby all alone in her modern ways and synthetic methods then rushed to my mom for guidance and suggestions who in return advised her, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system which concentrates on the notion of holistic healing. Then my mom revealed that Ayurveda has a dedicated section exclusive for the growth and development of a child termed as “KumaraBhritya!”

This Ayurveda section is a one stop solution for all the children, from new-born to adolescence as it dealt with the treatments and ailments of almost all the issues faced by a kid in all the stages of his life, from the birth till adult.

All of a sudden, me and my sister-in-law realized that my mom has some traditional knowledge in Ayurveda . We were even convinced as she had studied Home Science during her college days. Besides, at the moment only she, through her experience and knowledge could help the baby. I still, remember the guilt on my sister-in-law’s face to underestimate her mother-in-law from years. Never mind, better late than never…

One by one my mom started calling out the name of herbs which would help in natural growth of my nephew and also help in preventing any skin allergies. This included Ratanjyot, Til Tail or Sessame Oil, Shankh Pushpi, Urad and Camphor. We noted it down. However, we had no idea what Ratanjyoti and Shankh Pushpi was. Moreover, our major concern was where on earth we would get it? As you now we were neither Hanuman nor any rakshasa to go in search out of jadibuttis.

My mom then calmed us with her soothing smile and informed us that there is nothing to worry. She said she knew exactly where and how these Ayurvedic ingredients which are not only very vital for a baby’s skin but also for his growth and development can be obtained.

She then assured us that the mixture of these ayurvedic contents will enrich the little one’s skin and work against flabbiness, rashes or any other nuisances of the skin. Moreover, it would even strengthen his developing body, nourish it and maintain its softness as well as suppleness.

How was she so very sure? Well because according to Ayurveda, Sesame Oil or Til Tail improves physical strength, boosts absorption and is favorable for post massage infant sleep, Shankha Pushpi on the other hand plays a vital role in escaping the general weakness while Ratanjyot is useful as it helps to prevent all the potential skin infections. Camphor too helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body and lastly, Urad nourishes muscles as well as bones of the little vulnerable body. We had our Eureka moment on our faces and told our mom to give us the product with the magic formula that she had created and out there my mom exposed the 125ml bottle of Dabur Lal Tail from her closet. We were awestruck when we went through the ingredient as it possessed all the key ingredients that were mentioned in KumaraBhritya, the children section of Ayurvedic medicines. Ditto, my sister-in-law shouted.

We started applying the Oil and to our surprise my nephew never faced the issue of rashes. Also he wasn’t restless anymore and slept peacefully. A right natural product saved us from potential nightmare which had become a habit after trying and testing synthetic ones! Soon, we got the positive results. His growth and development as compared to other infants was also much better and so when my sister-in-law’s colleague (who too had a baby of the same month) asked her the difference in growth, she too advised her, the potent Lal Tail and proudly said “Dabur Lal Tail suggested by my saasu maa and recommended by me!”

Dabur Lal Tail not only saved my little prince from those thorny rashes but also kept away the usual saas-bahu cat fights. No wonder my modern sister-in-law understood not only the value of her mother-in-law but also the importance of our culture, traditional knowledge and ancient science.

This post is written for Indiblogger’s – Dabur’s  Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth Contest.

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Dabur Lal Tail