Know How Garnier Pure ACTIVE Neem Face Wash Can Help You From Pimples and Pimple Marks!

Who has been spared by Pimples and the sleepless night thereafter? Neither the VIPs like Miley Cyrus,


nor an abla naari like me or any girl across the world. No wonder, every time when we look at the mirror in between the menstrual cramps, bloating, and moodiness, we get to witness a dirty red pimple on our beautiful face almost after every 28 days. To be honest, we don’t fear the pimples, but the marks that mar the beauty of the face.

Yes, the first and major problem faced by everyone from Pimples is the Unwanted Marks.

As rightly quoted by my friend Rajjo from Lalgunj, UP –


Now, the problem of pimples is not just associated with the fairer sex, but the darker sex as well. My friend Raj was rejected by his potential father-in-law only because his face was full of pimples. Yes, white heads as well due to his oily face!


The Second Major Problem Faced Due to Pimples majorly is Rejection – (Dating, Matrimonial etc etc etc)

After all, who would like to give his daughter’s hand to a guy whose face looks like a frying pan. Clearly indicates, the guy who cannot take care of acnes, can never take care of my daughter.


It isn’t easy for the person who rejects as well – Nobody wants to see a face full of acnes. It not just mars the attractiveness, but also makes the person look unhygienic.

Here’s what one of my friend had to say who went on a blind date only to meet his date full of pimples. You might wonder who would reject anybody due to acnes, but forums across the Internet tells you that hundreds of both guys/girls reject girls/guys with problems of acnes.


Rejection is Directly proportional to Depression

Not many people are comfortable to go out with pimples on their face – Then whether it is an interview, date or a party. The problem is not just pimples, but the loss of confidence due to pimples.


Then the School, College and Even the Public Faces are Scared of Being Teased

Pimples on the face often bring lot of unwanted attention. Girls in the school, colleges are teased often.


Even the darogas are not spared these days, a daroga from Rajjo’s village named Chulbul Pandey is now teased as Pimple Pandey for obvious reasons.


Being a person with lot of tension, I think Pandey ji is suffering from pimple because of stress. Also, he is out most of the time, so dust accumulates his face 24×7, attracting all sorts of bacteria

Now, like millions of Indians if you too are wondering Pimple Pe Pimple, Pimple Pe Pimple with Puss, and Cysts….


Then, You Need to Chill and Relax, Because….


These Problems of Rowdy Pimples and Its Marks came be Overcome by Garnier’s Pure Active Neem Face Wash


Yes, you heard it right, Garnier Pure Active Can not only help you to remove your pimple marks, but also fight with the bacteria to keep your face clean, oil free and pimple less.

Now, you might be wondering how? Well, because Garnier Face Wash has all the ingredients that guards your skin from pimples 

1. It Contains Real Neem Leaf – Jab Tak Hai Neem, Jab Tak Hai Neem

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Neem leaves helps the body to get rid of the bacteria – Propionibacterium. A slow growing bacterium, it grows naturally in the skin and whenever the time is favorable, turns into pimples. The Neem leaf extract in Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash (mentioned as melia azadirachta leaf extract on the label) not only help in preventing its growth, but also from the skin inflammation caused by it.



2. Sodium Laureth Sulphate Will Keep You Away From PIMPLES

Often when you do not remove make ups or are highly stressed, pimples starts growing slowly. However, ingredients which are even slightly comedogenic help your skin to prevent pimples (nodules and pustules) unless your skin breaks out. Most of the people are fine with Sodium Laureth Sulphate. Now since, Garnier Neem Face Wash has this ingredient and is mostly non-comedogenic, it help help you to get rid of pimples.

Pimple Pandey Will Finally Be Called as Chulbul Pandey 🙂


3. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash has Tea tree Leaf Oil

The redness and swelling due to pimples is treated by Tea Tree Leaf Oil, and since this face wash has right concentration of this oil, it reduces the swelling due to the pimples. Also, it helps your face to be MARK FREE. Hope this info makes everyone happy, especially the 80% population from 8 to 18 who suffer from this problem.

Rajjo is already smiling with her No Mark Face


4. Garnier Neem Face Wash Contains Salicylic Acid

Two of the most prominent type of pimples are whiteheads and blackheads. Salicyclic Acid not just breaks whiteheads and blackhead, but also help in shedding down in cells which help in treating the inflammation and swelling. A Beta Hydroxy Acid, SALICYCLIC ACID is a proven anti-acne agent.

Raj, My friend can finally marry Simran. Jaa Simran ji le apni zindagi


5. Zinc Gluconate In the Face Wash Is a Healer

Zinc Gluconate aids in balancing the oil and also help in healing the skin thereafter – keeping your skin clean, grease free and fresh. Yes, yes, don’t burst the pimples with your aadha ya dhai kilo ka haath just apply Garnier Neem face wash with your hands.


6. Sodium Glycolate Keeps Your Face Mark Free

Na Glycolate is a salt of glycolic Acid which helps in removing all the fading pimple marks. It removes even the dark marks, keeping your face as beautiful and mark free as it was before.

Haan, Pimple bhi nahi, mark bhi nahi, reh jayegi toh bus clear skin


For more info and details on the product check the official website of Garnier. To learn more about how to get a clear skin click no pimples and no marks

Take Care!

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10 Unique Super Power In My Phone To Do What Other Can’t Do!

Ever since I had my black and white phone with yellow and then blue light, I always wondered if it would do something unusual like buying me movie tickets, flight tickets or letting me play some game just like my PC or video game. Few years past and my wish was granted, thanks to the revolution in technology. Being a human, my expectation increased and I started craving something like scanning barcodes and transferring money from my phone and even something like Intel Inside My Phone. Yes Asus ZenFone comes with Intel Inside! Today, now that I can do all these things, I like a typical human in search of incredible, wish my phone to have certain unique super powers to Do What Others Can’t Do:

Here are the list of super power that I would want my phone to have so that it distinguishes myself from the rest, help me explore the endless possibilities, see what others can’t see and yes, let me do what others can’t do: 

1. Travel Straight At The Stadium from the Live Streaming Match I Watch On My Phone 

Just imagine, you are watching a football match live from Brazil on your phone, and the super power in your phone takes you straight to the stadium where you can watch the match without any ticket, visa or a passport. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, this will be the first super power I would want for myself.


2. Google Maps Won’t Just Tell Me The Direction, But Take Me To The Place and Direct Me

While everybody would sit and check out the boring lines and landmarks on their phone, my Google Map would literally take me to the place and give me a real experience as to how the place is and which right or left should I take. So, whether, it is way to Eiffel tower from a “X” road or traveling from India to Thailand by road, the Google Map shall give me a real experience and feel of the place by taking me there.


3. Not just the Number, But Even the Caller’s Location Along With their Face Would Blink On My Screen

Ah, yes I want my phone to have a superpower which not only tells me the number from which the person is calling but the exact location from where he/she is calling along with his current face and not what I have stored in my phone. Also, whenever I call up the power in my phone gives me the information yet again. So, if my bf tells me, “Honey, I’m busy doing work!” I know its not the work but football match. Besides, I’ll know he is still in Andheri before he tells me just 5 minute 😉 Now, that reminds me of the #IncredibleZen phone of Asus which comes with its own Zen UI layer atop. Yes, yes, after ages, we finally have a Android phone (Zenfone 5) that comes with a user interface!



4. L L L L L L Lie-O-Meter

I want my phone to have a lie-o-meter acting as my golden eye so that a beep goes up when a person starts giving me crap on a call and a red color appears in their texts or chat messages whenever they lie to me. Yes, I can’t just sit and be a punching bag of the girls who come to me, rant about their relationship and then, the very next day goes on a date with the same person or brags about him on social media. Such girls, “Mera Superphone tumhe maaf nahi karega” 😛


5. Snooping Will Be My Phone’s Baye Haath Ka Khel

Its fun to be snooping around especially to pull your friend’s leg. So, I wish my phone to have a super power in which I not only get all the chat history of me and my friend talking but of all the person and the others in their list. Just imagine I can get some many confidential stuff, raunchy items, gossips and not to forget, the real faces of the people. No wonder, I’ll get to know who all are my real friends and who all just act. This super power in my phone will be super fun since only I will have access to their info and not the other way around.


6.In Search of Incredible, I Want My Phone As My Remote Control

I have been craving from long with this idea that my smart phone becomes genious and start acting like a remote control device, so that I continue to relax while my phone does all my stuff. For instance, if my Mom tells, “Please switch off the gas after 5 minutes”, I just switch it off from my phone after 5 minutes without dragging off my ass from my room uptil the kitchen. Same goes for the Tap, oven and every small things that require my presence.


7. My Phone Will Be Independent of Any Internet Service. Well, Who needs it When Internet Runs On Oxygen In the Air?

The Super power in my phone will be independent of any internet connection or wifi. Yes it will only require oxygen in the air to supply me internet. Now doesn’t that mean, Internet, Kahin bhi, kabhi bhi? Precisely, dude that’s one of the super power I desire in my phone and in that case, “Jab tak meri sasein chalengi mera internet chalega.” You never know if my phone extracts half of your GBs and MBs without the wifi hotspots or letting you know. Sounds fun? Hmm, that’s the feeling of awesomeness when you do what others can’t do!!!


8. My Phone Will Never Run Out of Charging

Half of the time my life is in deep shit just because my phone discharges when I need the most. So, I am in search of incredible super power in my phone that will keep it charged always. Yes, by the heat of my body when I’m using it, and through the oxygen in air when it is away from me, that is on the table! So, while all the people yell, no internet, no charge, I’ll always have a naughty smile on my face 😉


9. My Phone Will Have the Capacity of Deleting the Mails Not Only from My Inbox But Others As Well!

How many times have I been in mess for sending a wrong mail to a wrong person for all the wrong reasons? No wonder, my boss thrashed me and my client showed me as a proof of my commitment. But, what if the super power in my phone would give me the access to their inbox and even give me the power to delete all my mails without leaving any trace? Aha, ache din aa gaye samjho 🙂 In between, do you know that Asus ZenFone 5 comes with an inbuilt feature to record the telephonic conversation. Well, I know this feature is very small but, none one of the android phone comes with it 😉


10. No, No one can Steal My Super Powered Genius Phone

Because it not just need my thumb prints but my voice and the hold of my hand, and the moment it knows that it is not mine, it is ought to buzz me on a device with me, by giving me the exact location even in its switch off mode which makes the phone a complete waste for anybody who tries to use it, except for its owner that is me!


This Post Is Written for Indiblogger In Search For Incredible Contest of Asus

Click Here To Explore the Incredible Features of Asus Zenfone 5

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11 Reasons Why Zee Zindagi Indiblogger Meet Was An Event to Remember!

Indiblogger meets are always fun and interesting! After all, the moment it is announced, we bloggers start facebook(ing), twitter(ing) and whatsapp(ing) in order to find out who all are coming. Zindagi Indiblogger Meet was no exception. But, the interest level exceeded to another level since we were suppose to meet and interact not just with our blogger friends from Mumbai, but also Delhi along with the director, scriptwriters and the Pakistani actor Imran Abbas from the upcoming channel Zee Zindagi!

Zee Zindagi – Now, doesn’t that name bring a certain type of fresh breathe with it? It surely does! No wonder, Zee Zindagi along with the awesome Indiblogger team made sure we bloggers have a great day and here I tell you how and why –

1. The Theme of the Meet – #JodeyDilonKo

Oh yes, we were invited to a meet where the theme was “Love” and that too across borders. For a change, we were not seen appreciating Sachin and pulling Shahid Afridi down but recollecting olden days of Pakistani serials which we cherished, the mesmerizing songs which all the Pakistani singers have given us and of course showering our rare admiration to our neighboring brothers. No it wasn’t show off, it really came out DilSe because somewhere deep down, we have a soft corner for them when it comes to “Talent”, “Arts”, “Music” and few more things except Cricket.


2. The Awesome Technicians that Connected Mumbai with Delhi & Even Pakistan!

Many of the times I have attended meets, seminars and weddings where I have seen mikes are not working, AV takes time to start, or worst there is a huge sound disturbance. But, here I saw the technicians not just connecting us to the ongoing Delhi Bloggers Meet Live but also the beautiful Sultana (Siddiqui) Appa,  director of Zee Zindag TV‘s first show – Zindagi Gulzar Hai live from Pakistan – Surely deserving a round of applause for a completely flawless job!


3. Mumbai Vs Delhi

If India Vs Pakistan is a war, Mumbai Vs Delhi is no different ball game. This was quite evident in the conversation when the dudes and dudettes of both the cities came out in defense of their respective city. It was quite a funny moment to see how deep both the city representatives went to show “WE ARE THE BEST” especially when Delhities and Mumbaikars started defending their weather. One of the best moments of the meet, the debate made us LOLing and ROFLing when people went out to defend the humidity of Mumbai and even the extreme summers as well as winters of Delhi.



4. The Cool & Poise Behavior of Imran Abbas Even When People Bored him by Asking Political Questions rather than his Experience with the hot babe Bipasha Basu

We have all sort of people everywhere and here too though it was an event of arts, talent and love people brought out “politics” & “war” and that too with an actor who had dubbed till 8 am in the morning. Imran Abbas, our heart went out to you, we at the back tables only wished if the topic changed fast. But, we appreciate, the way you replied! *claps*



5. The One Liners of Anoop Johnson & The Reaction of Nihal Lazarus

Though the entire team of Indiblogger deserves a name here, I have dedicated the slot to Anoop and Nihal for being the excellent host & dost. No one can beat the punches and one liners that Anoop manages to say effortlessly. The best part here in the Zindagi meet was when Anoop wanted Nihal to call upon the winner of the MOTO G and Nihal couldn’t hear what Anoop said and kept on repeating what should I do, To whom should I call. Finally, Anoop said nothing but, “Give him the Moto G, dammit!” 😛 😀


6. Imran Abbas – The Singing Sensation

When nobody asked anything personal to Imran and they kept focusing on “political ties” with India and Pakistan, we, the listeners were rescued by the Zee team when they mentioned Imran Abbas is an awesome singer. Believe me, it was a pleasure to hear that soothing, calming and beautiful voice. No wonder, I was busy searching the video and I got one shared on Youtube by Blogwati Gee. I will share the same video here as well, you see I’m no meany 😀

7. The Audio Visual Display of the Promos of the Upcoming Zee Zindagi Channel

Indiblogger and Zee always make it a point that we bloggers get a first glimpse of channels and shows with a complete insight. Here too, we were shown a lot of promos of upcoming serials whose ads I have still not come across on the channel. Besides, connecting us with the legendary Sultana Siddiqui was another moment to remember which I think we all shall remember and boast for ages now.

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of any of these shows except hearing from my co-blogger friend Fatima. I am glad for a change I got to see the promos of shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aunn Zaara, Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti and many more!


8. The Table No. 7

Oh well, the tables weren’t really numbered that’s one of my own sobriquet. Anyways our Table No. 7 was interesting in itself. The reason, well we had some of the most intriguing people on the table who had a great sense of humor. Ah yes, we even had our own moments of selfie too.


9. The Thai Chicken & The Rasmalai

As usual I couldn’t focus on the veg section but let me tell you the Thai Chicken served was to die for. Luscious and delicious, almost all the adjectives will be short if I tried to describe it. Again, the flavors of rasmalai and caramel custard was something that I had in my mouth right till the High Tea until I had some more chicken, bhajias, fish finger chips. Now, do I sound like a Bhukkad? Well, at times I feel proud of being one!


10. Anukriti Sharma

It had been long since I met one of my very first blogger friend Anukriti. Here, in the meet I not only enjoyed her presence but even got to meet, talk and dine with her for long hours. Karan Shah, no I won’t miss you here! You, are of course an awesome companion from Vashi to all the destinations 😉 And I appreciate you did not keep me waiting this time. Sud, my sabu you were missed. Then, as usual it was a pleasure to meet and talk the very cheerful Ekta Khetan, and how can I miss the laal tamatar Fatima!


11. Pictures With Imran Abbas & His Autographs

It is always fun to get clicked with a celebrity and post it on social media. We get all the attention in the world, don’t we? And here, we had an opportunity to meet the upcoming star who is not only a tele actor, a great singer but also the future BOLLYWOOD STAR starring opposite Bipasha Basu! Thanks, Indiblogger and Zee Zindagi, we have memories not only itched on our Facebook Wall, Twitter Page and our blogs, but also in our mind and heart ❤ Did I hear correct that someone even sent a love letter to Imran Abbas? :p

Selfie_IMRAN_ABBASThe Cutest Pic I Came Across

Image Source: Indiblogger

Zindagi Ki Sunhare Pal in Nepal

Zindagi Ek Safar Yeh Suhana, isn’t it? Perhaps that is why travel brings happiness and big smile on our faces! In addition, don’t you think travel is about knowing different culture, religion, tasting new cuisine and also wearing an altogether different attire?

Exotic locations, stunning sights, good change of weather, breath-taking adventures – Oh, what a delight!

But when it is a family holiday, travelling can be a lot of chaos, cat-fights, disorder and blame-game.  Why not, after all what the nana-nani wants is seriously despised by the munna-munni and what the adolescent likes, the grown-up hates. Besides, the male crowd wants to have fun and adventure while their spouse, the aunties are in the mood of some pilgrimage. Then are the crazy folks who are ready to explore and flow in the mood whilst the quiet ones would insist sitting by the riverside and take the pleasure of the sunlight. Zindagi ke chotte motte nok jhok, hai na?

Moreover, a NRI cousin wants to set his foot to capture exquisite landscapes behind the lenses of his DSLR whereas the chubby dur ki chacha ki betia gaon ki chhori is eager to indulge in the local market to gulp the food. And finally the Bachcha party…Oh my God!

Various folks with a wide range of taste, choice and preference, chances are some might enjoy and some might curse the holiday. Haven’t you come across such a situation before? Hmm, we all have sometime or the other. So, I wondered what could be the ideal place that would make every traveler happy? And at once, retorted Scenic NEPAL, what else!


The gorgeous milieu, glorious monasteries, Jungle walks, Huge National Parks, breath taking Bungee jumping, grandeur art, craft and sculpture along with scenic falls and mysterious caves – Nepal indeed has the potential of attracting, both Travellers and tourists especially the ones looking out for some cross cultural studies.

Out for a family holiday in Nepal, our very first destination was Kathmandu. What else is the best place other than Pashupatinath temple to know the region better? Nothing can beat the experience of visiting the deities and feeling close to them.


Besides, being adventure fanatics we also enjoyed our hands at trekking, rafting and of course, Bungee Jumping. Some of us were so busy praying inside the temple that time just went by and we couldn’t realize more. The locales all around Kathmandu are polite and “HAPPY TO HELP” who make sure your trip in their area is not only worth this visit but worth your memories! Not to forget the Kathmandu streets which are full of life, arts and culture.

Bungee Jumping

The Wildlife reserves of Koshi Tappu our next destination again delighted the thrillers, adventure fanatics and also the kids. The boat rides, jungle walks and pleasant view of the migratory birds was not only a delight to eyes but also to the lenses. Aunties and Grannies who were not interested spent some time inside the various nearby temple and monasteries without bothering the fervent while others can get in action to experience the enthralling part of Nepal.

Patan, the oldest city of Nepal then was our next destination. It amused the silent ones, the oldies, the art lovers, the spirituals and of course the photographers. Strolling down the streets, Patan made us roll out together in excitement. The art, the architecture, the museums and the stupas was a real delight. Sometimes, I wonder though Nepal and India are two different countries there is so much same about each of us.


“You won’t experience the real Nepal if you won’t pay a visit to Pokhara” said my watchman who is a native of Nepal. The enthralling beauty, the mesmerizing scenery along with a chance to explore some amazing lakes and caves, Pokhara was ready to lure us with its captivating charisma. No wonder, we took solace in the pristine beauty away from the worldly chaos and mess.

To make sure the children of the family don’t complain, we made sure that we visit the Royal Chitwan National Park so that the kids celebrate a glorious time inside it – Glancing and discovering several species of animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In addition, the Safari drives and elephant made them happy and content.


Lastly, who would ever complain a view of striking sunrise and sunset by the mountains and peaks – No one, right? And so we finally concluded our Nepal Darshan at Nagarkot by screening the panoramic 360 degree view of the Himalayas! This reminded me of the sunset from Darjeeling hill post.

Nepal is not only exotic when it comes to natural beauty but also when it comes to its hospitality, food, arts and culture. A country close to my heart, the reminiscence still makes me nostalgic!


Image Source: Wikipedia, Nepal Map, Nepali, Family Travel

This Post is written for an Indiblogger contest in association with Zindagi TV

Recharge your hair, recharge your life!

Events and parties that start straight away after travelling and work, usually gives us ladies a lot of headache specially in the hair department. Yes, a change of dress and shoes can modify us, a speedy make up can lighten up our facial appearance but what about the hair? Sadly, nothing concrete can be done about the hair.

However, by my experiences, I have come to the point that, if we get a chance to recharge the hair, it will surely recharge the overall appearance. Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at those moments, my life would not have been the same as it is now, it surely would have been recharged..

Let’s have a look at all those instances of my life where a simple recharge of hair would have changed the face of my life:

Instance 1: When I was a teenager, just out of school

I had a crush on this guy, let’s call him “Mr. X”. I was supposed to be introduced to him at a friend’s place. Unfortunately, that day I was having a bad hair day. While, I tried my best to look good by trying all the pretty dresses nothing really appeared fine, credits to my hair which were adamant to look messy and chaotic at that evening of rendezvous. Therefore, somehow I managed it by applying oil in the hair so that it could rest at peace on my head without messing up my face. Now, as soon as I entered her home, I was greeted by her elder brother in front of my crush as “Tailu (Greasy)”  Now, because of that, my crush, the brother’s friend also called me tailu and even addressed me as sister since I was friend of his friend’s sister. However, on the other hand, he was caught staring at my other friend, who of course escaped from being termed as “sister”. Later, I got to know that the two started dating after this meet, which was actually hosted for the start of my love affair. Yes, if only I knew how to recharge my hair, I would have started dating right at that point of time. Just imagine, the fun I would have had

Instance 2: When I joined office as an intern

Working hard as an intern, I once got an opportunity to accompany one of my seniors to a corporate party. Unfortunately, I had to start for the party right after my work in a span of 15 minutes. Well, that day most of my time was spent in the shop floor,  due to which, my hairs were tied up inside the shower cap to ensure nothing falls in the machine room.

Once I was done for the day. I went in the loo for a quick change and I could not believe what I saw. My hair went all crazy, reluctant to obey the language of my comb. Somehow, I tried to manage it and with that look I went into my manager’s cabin. He looked at me from top to bottom and then said, “Deepti, I think you are too tired for the day and since you stay far off in Navi Mumbai, I would rather request Miss “Y” to accompany me to the party. So, how see, how my messy hair took away an awesome opportunity from me. No, I’m not talking about dating my senior but of meeting the manager of another company who selected Miss “Y” for a project, credits to her communication skill. Now, going by her records, she is not as good as me when it comes to communication, only if my hair wouldn’t have ditched me. I would now be working with that manager in a top MNC.

Instance 3: When I hiked the whole day

During one of my hiking few years back, I became so tired that I drenched myself into the waterfall the whole time. Now, you know how the hair becomes when it faces lot of dust and rallies up with water. Enjoying water, I had no mercy at my hair. Actually, to be honest, I was not at all bothered. However, I started worrying when it was announced that we would have a campfire in the night. Now, we were supposed to dance by the camp fire and that was the end of my fun.

In the evening, when the entire pack of girls danced, shaking and moving their body as well as hair, I was sitting in a corner watching them like a killjoy. The entire episode still makes me go nuts, so much that whenever I see those girls I feel like yelling at top of my voice. I somehow, do not like those girls but going by the news by a gossip monger, they have become a gang of friends now. If only I had something to recharge my hair, I too would have been part of that girly gang…

Instance 4: When I had a safari ride in the deserts

Safari ride in the desert – What can you expect? Well, hair full of dust, dirt and clots. And on top of that, if you are hosting an event at a festival where tons of foreigners are expected to see you as a host, what can be the outcome? Well, I wasn’t even given a second glance, courtesy the hair that messed up my look. I not only lost the chance to host other events but also lost the entire chance of hosting from that day. If only looks lied and vocalizations did not.

Having faced the worst situations in the above mentioned four instances where I lost the chance to get my dream boy, dream jobs, and happening gang, I have now realized why recharging my hair is very important for recharging my life.

Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at that time, my life would have been recharged with lots of things which I am now deprived of.

This post is for Indiblogger’s and Sunsilk’s contest – Recharge Your Hair, Recharge your life

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Stand, Hold and Tilt: A Better Way is here with New Yoga Tablets from Lenovo!

“Thud” I threw my phone and started working on my laptop. After working on the software almost for 2 hours began my usual cribbing and cursing. Still a day left for the submission, I thought of reviving myself by catching up a movie.

While the laptop was busy with the writing work on my software. I thought of using my Android tablet, my close companion which always comes to my rescue when my laptop and smart phone ditches me.  And I started watching my favorite movie on my tab leaning it against a support. Oh I know, setting my tablet inclined is a dicey practice no wonder it has been dropped thrice up till now but then what else can I do to put the big rectangular slab at rest?

Well, I can definitely buy those folios and cases to watch my movie comfortably but then again a new purchase. I certainly hear my mom shouting at me, “Paise paed pe lagte hain kya.” After spending so much on the product, she would never give me extra money to spend another few bucks to get me a case to prop my tablet up. Well, that’s how all the mothers are aren’t they? Actually, that’s how we all Indians are! Being pakka Indian we would never want to give extra money for the pain that an expensive product is giving us. Perhaps that is why Lenovo has come up with an entire new way out to solve our problem.

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet,” (Yes, that’s what the name is) gives us an altogether better way to use Android tablets. While all these years we have been adhering to the rigid technology and their setting, Yoga Tablet is flexible and adapts to the way we want to use our tab. Stand, tilt or hold, these three unique features help you to use tablet like the way you never did before. For instance, if you happen to grasp the weighty plane of the Tab and switch it on portrait mode, you are utilizing the “hold mode.”  On the other hand, if you put the Yoga Tablet on a surface in such a way that the round circular parts faces towards you then it is the “tilt mode” and lastly the stand mode is that mode where the tab stands on its own with a kickstand. We can watch movies on Yoga Tabs or even bring it into play with a Bluetooth keyboard just like a workstation.

My favorite mode is the tilt mode as although it may not look fascinating it is actually very useful and handy. Just prop up the Yoga tablet at an angle and see for yourself how comfortable typing is. That certainly means no extra money required to purchase those cases.  What’s more, with 18 hour battery life and incorporated kickstand, each possessing front faced speaker, Yoga Tablet is perfect device for marathon TV spectators and regular flyers.

Now, that Lenovo Yoga Tablet has clearly solved one of the most important problem faced by the major users of tablets I would want the makers to check my ideal specification for an ideal Tablet, if at all they are feasible, technological accessible and possible:

With size anything between 8 and 10 inch and processor with 4 core, display resolutions must inclined towards 1080p north. Sleeky and slim, just the way the sexy Yoga Tablet is, so that I can carry it in one hand and move freely. For storage space, I was wondering if something upgradeable like SSD, or perhaps two memory cards slots can be fixed. Then, my ideal laptop would definitely require a big battery just like the Yoga Tablet running 18 hours with a way better wireless strength.

RAM should beat the 4 GB score and SoC has to be more and more potent as multitasking is one of the prime requirement of today and will be in the future. Inductive/Wireless charging along with NFC is definitely a need of the day for tablets. Screen resolution would be minimum 1440 x 900, AMOLED screen, 400 nits with stereo speakers anything between 1.5 to 2 watts. My ideal tablet would definitely have optional dock which comprises HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and 4 USB/Thunderbolt. Lastly, with all these features my ideal Tablet would be that tablet which I can easily operate with my single hand just like Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet.

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An Immune India, Let’s together make it!

A few years back, India was hit terribly with the Chikungunya virus as well as the Swine Flu and people all around the country became prey to these viruses in no time. While maximum of the populace was hit by the dreadful viruses, few of them or let us say a bunch of them were still not touched upon. If we try to figure out, we will find that, the fortunate class was the adults or the grownups who could somehow manage to escape the clutches of these viruses but the majority of the susceptible class in the entire outbreak was the “children, the most vulnerable group of human population to any epidemic, disease, flu or fever.

In this entire episode, why do you think the few fortunate were adults while the worst affected were mostly kids? The reason is absolutely plain and simple – Adults have a developed immune system whereas the immunity in the kids is in a developing stage. This makes them prone to any foreign invaders in their body easily.

Despite the fact that, there are many curative measures to prevent almost every invasion of viruses through vaccines/oral dose and protozoans via medicines, thanks to WHO along with UNICEF who are on the pledge to vanish almost all the diseases that are found or spreading in the developing nations, don’t you think all the developing nations including India should impose preventive measures against the epidemic to reduce the invasion by half? For instance, we know India is a tropical country and so, mosquitoes being omnipresent can attack us any time then why surround ourselves with a heap of waste or stagnant water where they can breed and multiply significantly in no time.

While UNICEF along with WHO are pledging to make a difference in the world through curative measures, being Indians it becomes our responsibility to aid them in this noble cause by amending preventive measures to build a healthier, strong and more immune India…

So, how do we start? Well, the change should simultaneously begin from all the different spheres – The rural, town area, urban cities as well as the metropolitans. Here’s how –

Right food can neither be expensive for the rural children nor troublesome for the urban kids

It is every easy to dictate everyone that “eat right” in order to become healthy and immune to various diseases. But, in a poor country like India how will the less privileged children eat a nutritious diet when they are already suffering from malnutrition? Well, point to be noted. However, do you think nutritious diet can be expensive? Well, not as expensive as you may wonder. The Indian Government can easily promote the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in Vitamin C and E, Carotenoid, Bioflavanoids and give farmers subsidies and an advantage when it comes to promotion of these agricultural products at the rural level. Besides, the midday meals should possess only those items that boost immunity in the children. In addition, they should tie up with FMCG like Dabur who have affordable readymade immunity boosting products in the form of Dabur Chyawanprash and serve the less fortunate children who are most vulnerable to diseases in the rural community. Well, when the Political parties can distribute Tabs after winning elections, I am sure that this is a cheaper and feasible solution.

In the urban areas and metropolitans where the kids possess a lavish lifestyle and eat lots of junk foods, awareness at school should be conducted regularly. Schools and homemakers should make sure they help these kids to consume the necessary immune boosting fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains in the form they would love to eat. For instance, a child may not like to eat chapatti and cabbage or even carrots however, if you impart these vegetables and give the kid in the form of Frankie or a roll, he would eat it happily. So, it becomes our responsibility to serve our kinds all the nutritional food along with immune boosting products like Chyawanprash to help them against all the foreign invaders at this tender age.

All work and no play really make Jack a dull boy, so let them engage in recreation

Kids in the rural places are into a lot of physical activities so they really do not need physical exercises to maintain their fitness level. Also, the atmosphere where they live is tranquil and dirt free. In cities, however, it is altogether a different story and so urban children should have a physical regime in their day’s time-table wherein they stretch out their arms and legs. There should also be regular mini marathons, the tournaments of various sports in the school where even the lazy ones participate actively. Evening time should be allocated to these physical activities and not tuitions or computer games or cartoons. Also, make sure once the child is back, he is following healthy habits of cleaning, washing and eating so that no bacteria, dust or any organism can imply affect on his body.

ctv news

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Parents should even indulge with their children in activities like yoga and sports so that children find it fun and adhere to the regime willingly. Animators and film makers should even make films which promote the benefits of physical activities.

Adequate Sleep is all that is required

Children in the rural areas do not get enough sleep as they are helping their parents, doing several physical activities as well as going long distance to study. A good number of schools should be imposed in every rural village so that children do not have to travel far also hand pumps should be erected in as close proximity as possible to make the life of these children easier. In short, more and more facilities should be provided to rural children so that their life would be much easier and they get enough sleep every day.

In rural areas, care should be taken by parents to see that children sleep early in order to get their adequate sleep. No TV, No playing, No Video games should be the habit of children. Early to be and early to rise should be the basic mantra of a student life. Also, make sure you provide children the healthy Ayurvedic oil like Dabur Lal Tail that enables them to sleep peacefully.

Mental Stress will affect the immunity in your child, so stop pressurizing!

A year back, I was startled to find out my neighbor’s 12 year old son was tagged as “stressed” by his pediatrician when he was having his regular rounds of check up (he was born as a premature baby and so his immunity is always in a mess and easily gets cold, flu and whatever fever is in the air). The doctor termed him as stressed and asked his parents not to pressurize him for studies etc. The parents never pressurized him for anything and were surprised by the verdict. However, on doctor’s inquiry, it was found out that the constant fights between the couple and his loneliness (only child with no siblings and working parents) stressed him out completely as he had nobody to talk or share his happiness/activities on a day to day basis. As parents, we should always try to see that we maintain the house atmosphere as calm and peaceful as possible to give our young ones a happy and healthy atmosphere to live in.


An Immune India is not a Utopian dream but a possible reality of the near future, if we watch out our habit and help our children to follow the same. And in doing so, each of the individual and family should take a pledge to follow the regime firmly – Starting from the urban household and locality to each of the remote villages of India. It is really a pleasure to see the House of Dabur is campaigning for such a noble cause and directly reaching out lack of children nationwide with their motto – “Healthy Generation. Healthy Nation!”

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My Baby Strongest, the Ayurvedic Dabur Way!

A baby skin is almost five times slimmer than a grown up and so watch the synthetic and chemically processed products you use Bahu” Frowned my mom when she saw my sister-in-law using an all new expensive skin care set (lotion, moisturizer and cream) on my nephew.

“Nothing will happen, Maa this time; the products seem to have the entire necessary ingredient which the baby requires for growth and development” Confronted my sister-in-law once again.

Oh I only hope it doesn’t cause any allergies to my little bundle of joy but makes him as strong and healthy as my son once was! You know a healthy baby, infant and toddler” Said my mom.

Days passed and my nephew experienced the same allergies he had earlier possessed. Besides, he was becoming pale and cheerless. Neither expensive items like fancy nutritional cream, lotion nor any moisturizer that my sister-in-law brought worked – eventually making his skin extremely dry. Perhaps babies have immature immune system and so they are the most vulnerable ones to potential toxins that any chemically processed products might have, even if it is in small quantities.

Actually, one of the major contributing agents is the early introduction of petrochemical based constituents via synthetic products and this precisely was the reason of his skin allergy.

My sister-in-law who earlier wanted to take care of her baby all alone in her modern ways and synthetic methods then rushed to my mom for guidance and suggestions who in return advised her, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system which concentrates on the notion of holistic healing. Then my mom revealed that Ayurveda has a dedicated section exclusive for the growth and development of a child termed as “KumaraBhritya!”

This Ayurveda section is a one stop solution for all the children, from new-born to adolescence as it dealt with the treatments and ailments of almost all the issues faced by a kid in all the stages of his life, from the birth till adult.

All of a sudden, me and my sister-in-law realized that my mom has some traditional knowledge in Ayurveda . We were even convinced as she had studied Home Science during her college days. Besides, at the moment only she, through her experience and knowledge could help the baby. I still, remember the guilt on my sister-in-law’s face to underestimate her mother-in-law from years. Never mind, better late than never…

One by one my mom started calling out the name of herbs which would help in natural growth of my nephew and also help in preventing any skin allergies. This included Ratanjyot, Til Tail or Sessame Oil, Shankh Pushpi, Urad and Camphor. We noted it down. However, we had no idea what Ratanjyoti and Shankh Pushpi was. Moreover, our major concern was where on earth we would get it? As you now we were neither Hanuman nor any rakshasa to go in search out of jadibuttis.

My mom then calmed us with her soothing smile and informed us that there is nothing to worry. She said she knew exactly where and how these Ayurvedic ingredients which are not only very vital for a baby’s skin but also for his growth and development can be obtained.

She then assured us that the mixture of these ayurvedic contents will enrich the little one’s skin and work against flabbiness, rashes or any other nuisances of the skin. Moreover, it would even strengthen his developing body, nourish it and maintain its softness as well as suppleness.

How was she so very sure? Well because according to Ayurveda, Sesame Oil or Til Tail improves physical strength, boosts absorption and is favorable for post massage infant sleep, Shankha Pushpi on the other hand plays a vital role in escaping the general weakness while Ratanjyot is useful as it helps to prevent all the potential skin infections. Camphor too helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body and lastly, Urad nourishes muscles as well as bones of the little vulnerable body. We had our Eureka moment on our faces and told our mom to give us the product with the magic formula that she had created and out there my mom exposed the 125ml bottle of Dabur Lal Tail from her closet. We were awestruck when we went through the ingredient as it possessed all the key ingredients that were mentioned in KumaraBhritya, the children section of Ayurvedic medicines. Ditto, my sister-in-law shouted.

We started applying the Oil and to our surprise my nephew never faced the issue of rashes. Also he wasn’t restless anymore and slept peacefully. A right natural product saved us from potential nightmare which had become a habit after trying and testing synthetic ones! Soon, we got the positive results. His growth and development as compared to other infants was also much better and so when my sister-in-law’s colleague (who too had a baby of the same month) asked her the difference in growth, she too advised her, the potent Lal Tail and proudly said “Dabur Lal Tail suggested by my saasu maa and recommended by me!”

Dabur Lal Tail not only saved my little prince from those thorny rashes but also kept away the usual saas-bahu cat fights. No wonder my modern sister-in-law understood not only the value of her mother-in-law but also the importance of our culture, traditional knowledge and ancient science.

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Dabur Lal Tail

…Since Real love is love in its purest form

“I love you too” Pragati said struggling on her hospital bed as tears of joy and happiness rolled down her cheeks.

One of the most momentous days of my life till today, it was the day that made me experience true love in the form of my best friends, Pragati and Siddhant. It was a day when love triumphed breaking all the hurdles, eventually sowing a seed in my heart, so much, that today, even I dream of such an auspicious day in my life – The day of eternal love that is not only everlasting but also timeless.

“All men are indeed dogs!” I used to say and why not as all the guys I usually came across were either interested in physical beauty or concerned with the attractiveness of any girl they dated. Siddhant was no exception. However, his transformation for Pragati’s love made me change my opinion.

Siddhant was like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in most of their movies, famous for chivalry among the females. Happy go lucky he was more interested in wine and women like most of the college dudes than participating in causes and movements till I forced him to join National Social Service (NSS). The reason, well it could get me few additional marks on our mark sheet. Besides, I didn’t want to do it all alone and so I compelled and even terrorized him to join me all in the name of friendship.  From all the things we had done earlier in our lives, this was drastically opposite. Here, we were not smoking our fags or our parent’s money but doing something that was not only serving the society and human race but also helping ourselves in moving towards happiness and self satisfaction.

From volunteering at booths of free eye check up in Tardeo and working in the camps of Clean & Green Mumbai at Dadar Chowpatty to teaching underprivileged kids, our initial rounds of Social Service was more of hanging around with friends than working for a cause until we started working on a Project based on Women empowerment. Me and Sid were allotted as volunteers in the Sexual violence section.

It was during this period when Pragati came in our lives. A headstrong, career-oriented woman of the 21st century, she entered the office premise as a damsel in distress. She wanted our help as she was facing sexual tensions in her office. Her boss was harassing her day in and day out. She was of the same age as ours but since she was not originally from Mumbai she had thought of supporting her college and hostel expense by working in shifts. Me and Sid decided to help her at personal levels too after we met her outside the office. Back then, I too had my own medical issues and so I couldn’t give that much time to the NGO but Sid seemed determined and he was helping Pragati in a way that it was his moral duty to help any girl. Soon, Pragati got a job elsewhere and she quit her job. However, not before defaming her boss who had attempted to sexually violate her and others in the office.

This entire process brought the two together and Sid-Pragati became couple. However, after two months, Sid informed me that Pragati after moving from Mumbai was no longer in touch with him and after few days ditched him over the phone and had broke all the ties, leaving him completely lost and lonely.

I couldn’t believe my ears as Pragati was a decent girl and how could she ditch Sid, who was the world to her. I tried her number but of no avail. The woman on the line always declared it to be off. Contacting her through her Orkut account was of no use too, since she hardly went online there. Sid, on the other hand, went in depression as he thought it was all due to his past deeds. Things turned ugly and I was helpless. However, one of my usual doctor’s visits brought me face to face with Pragati. Their Pragati was sitting in front of me, weak and pale with a deformed face. At once, I couldn’t comprehend that it was her but the moment, I went near her wheelchair, I knew it was her. I controlled my tears and asked how she was. I waited till she went to the doctor’s cabin for her usual check up and accompanied her to her hospital bed along with the nurse. As soon as the nurse went and we were alone, she broke down and told me why she had sent that cruel SMS to Sid. She didn’t wanted to be a burden to him as he had his own life ahead. Besides, her face had deformed majorly and she had no clue when will she recover completely. Her audiometric results showed that she had lost 50% of our hearing power in her left ear. She was not the one who could tolerate sympathy towards her nor could she bear the sight of Sid rejecting her and so after knowing her condition, she took the hard decision of sacrificing her love for her love.

She begged me not to tell Sid anything about this and requested me to call him in order to hear his voice. I called him up and couldn’t control my tears and asked him to reach as soon as he could in Wockhardt hospital at Mulund. Within an hour, he was outside the hospital, I went below to bring him upstairs and told everything about Pragati. Something was running in his head which I couldn’t understand nor could analyze. But, the moment he saw her, he was shocked though he composed himself at his best controlling his tears. He went near her, kneeling on his one toe and did something which he had never done before, proposed Pragati for marriage.

“I love you Pragati and no matter what I’ll always be there for you, will you marry me?” he asked for her hand.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She almost cried with joy.


I had heard love is unconditional but had never witnessed, here I saw true love sparkling between two souls who promised to be together forever. Their love is still strong and they are now married with a beautiful baby girl. A love so very pure is synonymous to none other than the incomparable metal, Platinum which doesn’t tarnish or grow fainter with passing day but always stay true to its original form. That is why, among all major jewels that the world’s most fancy holds precious, “The Platinum” stands paramount especially when it is that timeless moment when you feel enigmatic in the delightful company of your eternal love – Celebrating Love in its purest form!


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Scents that triggers down the lane of nostalgic memories

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived” ~ Helen Keller

Many a times we are caught up by a whiff of a fragrance which instantly makes us nostalgic. It not only reminds us of the long forgotten good days of our lives but also revives feelings associated with the bygone era. Not even a second passes and the evocative odor fills us with a strong déjà vu stir, that’s the kinship between specific smells and memory.

As the day passes and I write in my closet, several aromas across my room and home altogether perks up with all the old memories in different phases of my life – right from the childhood, adolescence to the beautiful memoirs which I left behind with time but are still engulfed in my heart. Here feel the aromatic air topped up with lots of mischief, fun and joy in chronological order –

Ah, the luscious smell of toasting bread takes me down the familiar tread

2013-08-25 12.14.25

As soon as the aroma of toasting bread makes a way through my olfactory bulb, it takes me down the memory lane of a young me around 6 years having Sunday breakfast along with my siblings (elder sister as well as brother) and parents. The fights, the howl, the fun and the happiness of spending time together while watching our favorite cartoon show and mythological serials on Doordarshan still makes me yell “God, why did I grow up.”

The notorious Phenyl Smell, rings the memoirs of school bell

Aha, while you may wonder what’s nostalgic about the phenyl smell, I’m already having a gala time inside the toilet of my school. Yes, those were the days and since it was school and not college we used to bunk entire period in the girls toilet gossiping and waiting for the bell to ring in order to escape the tantrums of our craft ma’am Ms. Leelamma. Thank God, we had a clean, sparkling and hygienic toilet in our school which always had the scent of the phenyl. Even today the phenyl smell all at once, makes the atmosphere smiley from smelly and tingle my notorious nerve to think, “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain.”

The pleasant aroma of Ambi Pur Lavender Air Freshener, how can I ever forget how it acted as the ultimate savior


Like all the young boys and girls out of the cocoon we were ready to taste life once we stepped out of school and there we had a brief rendezvous with none other than the smoking hot sticks – the fags. While we were the occasional smokers, we made sure none of the gossiping aunties or their poky kid ever catches us indulging the act. So, when Vicky’s mom went out for her usual grocery in the evening we would puff and then fill the room with Sara Lee’s Ambi Pur Lavender Air Freshener which his dad brought during his tenure in the Europe. Uncle was in the Merchant Navy and Lavender was Aunty’s favorite fragrance. Today, when I get the same smell in my living room, it not only refreshes my room environment but also my mood.

The spirited scent of nail paints sends me back to the chemistry lab taints

nail paint


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The moment it is time to dress up and get going for a party, marriage, meeting or a casual meet-up, it’s also the time to adorn my otherwise shabby nails with some sparkling colorful nail paints. And, the moment I open the cap, the spirited scent that spreads across my home takes me to the last room of the corner of the ground floor of my junior college. For scientist, it is a temple, for researchers it is a paradise but for students like us, our Chemistry laboratory was a place for fun, gup-shups and team-effort. Breaking test tube just for the sake of fun, purposely creating mild useless explosions by bringing phosphorous in contact with water and ending up with holed lab coats along with various little mischief – Oh, if only we could relive all those moments all over again!

The pleasant yet emotional smell of Mehendi brings back the happy moments of the day before my Sister’s bidai

Arabic Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-2012


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The fragrance of henna is one of the most beautiful scents which have the potential of filling every corner of your home with a feeling of celebration. No wonder the moment the whiff of Henna enters my nose, it directly makes my eyes glitter in delight as I witness my sister dressed for her wedding with her hands with the beautiful designs and patterns outshined in mehendi color. The smell brings back the sisterly love which was exposed for the very first time on the D-day.



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And finally, the smell of the brewing filter coffee everyday jogs my memory of my beloved – urging me to call him up or whatsapp him. No wonder, all our initial days of courtship was majorly spent in the various coffee outlets all over India…


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