Top 3 Hotels in Mumbai To Relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation!

Often in Mumbai, we Mumbaikars after a week full of travelling to our work via local trains, and BEST buses drain by the time it is weekend. No wonder every Friday we do wish to get away from the daily hustle of our life and escape for a day to some luxurious hotel in our city.

I’m sure we all have thought about it sometime or the other. With me, I keep on day dreaming of spending some great time in the lavish hotels of Mumbai if at least for a single day. Here are the 3 Hotels in my bucket list for a lazy day to feel like a Queen:

Hotel Taj, Mumbai

If you are a 90s kid you know what HOTEL TAJ really is! It was only a single 5 star Hotel we kids knew about. In fact, 5 star meant Taj just like Toothpaste was synonymous to Coalgate and Biscuit was Parle G. Ever since then I have been dreaming to spend a day there.


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Well, my ideal day would be staying at one of the Tower Rooms in Taj Mahal Palace where I can feel the comfort and forget all the hustle bustle of the city which usually disturbs everything. I would definitely visit the famous Harbour Bar to chill out at the end of a tiring day while rest of the day I’ll eat out from various restaurants in the hotel.

Now since Taj Mahal Palace is one of the finest hotels in India and Mumbai, I would want to experience the refined architecture, inimitable comfort, classy amenities and a superior service and hospitality so that I sit back and spend my day in the palace like a modern day queen having nothing to do except enjoy the pleasure of staying in Taj right opposite the Gate Way of India.


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The Lalit, Mumbai

Having been to The Lalit for more than 3 times for seminars and conference, I have often wondered how comfy the stay would be if I just take a room and spend a day inside. I would surely relax in Rejuve – The Spa and enjoy food and drink across the globe. No wonder, the Lalit has some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in house including WOOKS, Baluchi and 24/7. Besides, how can I miss the nightlife at Trendz to enjoy some fusion cuisine and Mumbai’s nightlife culture. Sutra Lounge Bar is something which I have been dying to visit from long.

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JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai

I really cannot own a sea facing house in Mumbai but can definitely spend a day by a sea facing room in a luxury hotel. This is the reason why I’m always attracted to any sea face hotel and in Mumbai nothing can beat the Juhu JW Marriott known for its classy rooms that offers luxury at a great price.

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Interestingly, at JW Marriott I would love to relax at the outdoor pools, get lazy and the award winning spa and then have fun at the nightclub Enigma.

These 3 luxurious hotels in Mumbai will not only let me lose my self but also help me forget all the daily pain – making it a perfect place to relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation! I hope to book soon as ClearTrip is giving us Hotel Deals – How about you where do you plan to spend your one day Vacation at?

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