Top 3 Indian Look Up Stories – Stories that Inspires You and Brings Optimism to the World!

Every day when I move from my home, I have a visual journey of many things – some good, some not so pleasing things, but each of my peeps bring valuable lessons.

Here I’ll share some Look Up stories. These stories not only gave me courage to look up in life, but also the much needed strength to be optimistic about various things.

Look Up Story 1 – The Little Girl Who Sells the Rose at the Traffic Signal

Have you seen the little kids who sell things like rose, or any kind of flower on the traffic signal? No matter whatever your answer is, no matter how curtly you tell them you won’t buy their flowers, they move on to their next client with the same smile and enthusiasm. Not once, not twice but “n” number of times they are rejected on daily basis, yet they are never disappointed. They do not take rejection as defeat, but try to sell the product to the next client without showing even a slight irritation on their face.



I meet one such girl on a daily basis. This little girl not just moves from one car to another with her flowers, but also with her communicable smile – giving me courage to face rejection. Yes, the girl, motivates me to live my life happily without worrying about getting rejected.

Look Up Story 2 – The Little Girl Who Wanted A Tattooed Crown on Her Head

Once when I was in cruise, I met a little girl with her fully shaved head. The girl wanted a tattoo representing a crown on her head. Yes, she wanted to look like a princess. When she was getting tattooed, the happiness on her face was something which I cannot describe. Her million dollar smile is something that cherishes me every time i think i’m the most unlucky person in this world.


Later, I got to know that the girl had Blood Cancer, and the loss of hair was due to chemotherapy. She was on the cruise due to “Make A Wish Foundation” where she was living her dream on a cruise and having her crown tattooed. This little girl who knew how to cherish every moment of life without complaining not only gave me hope, but also made me #lookup to life with great optimism. Yes, her courageous smile made me optimistic.

Look Up Story 3 – My Friend Who Failed Thrice to set up his own Biz

Many people believe that only success stories can inspire and motivate them, these people royally choose to ignore the hard work of the people who failed. For me, more than successful people, it is my failed friend who inspires me – The reason? Well, he failed thrice to start his own venture, end up failing very badly, yet did not leave his dream. Yes, he failed thrice and is on his fourth try.

Stressed businessmanSource

His Fourth try is on the verge of success. Some of my friends are saying he is lucky. But I know luck favors only the hardworking, and those who believe in themselves. No wonder, this friend of mine who failed thrice is my hero. His story is undoubtedly a look up story for me – that story of optimism which tells me – No matter how many times you fail, work hard, till you succeed, and success will definitely hug you one day.

Do you have any such #LookUp Story – Stories that Bring Optimism to the World? If so, do share it here in the comment box.

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